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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

A relative of mine had a wedding dinner at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant in Ipoh on Christmas eve, and as a food lover, how can I not or resist the temptation of bringing my camera along for some quick photos right?
Well with Ipoh, when it comes to wedding dinners, a very important aspect is that the food must be good and the portions big. And I do mean big. Just continue skimming through the pictures below and you will know what I mean. Hope you all enjoy it and this is one restaurant which I believe if you ever have a dinner there, you will not be disappointed.

The first course, "5 fook lam moon" or a 5 combination platter. Just look at the size of the plate, its as if we have 5 full course meals in 1! This is what and how any platter should look like! Beat this, restaurants in Penang and KL!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Sarkies Corner at E&O Hotel

I'm sure many knows about the buffet at E&O Hotel in Penang. Sarkies Corner is famous for serving some very good buffet spread at very affordable pricing (well relative speaking). So its with luck that my company had an appreciation lunch for those who participated in the Young Entrepreneur Program in which we served as advisors to students in setting up their own company and making a business work. 
So on to the food :) At Sarkies Corner, this is the hotels in house dining area. When I went there in late November, Christmas decorations were up and I got to understand that they will move to the new wing of E&O soon with a better and bigger restaurant. Without ado, I leave you with some of the pictures from Sarkies Corner to end 2012.
Christmas decorations abound to put you in the mood!

Friday, December 23, 2011

BlackBall Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

I have to admit, even though I have been to Taipei a couple of times, but I didn't actually went to check out many of their tea and desserts places. Thus I was glad to hear and know that there will actually be one opening in Penang. So here comes BlackBall, which opened their franchise here recently in Pulau Tikus, Penang and my wife and I were lucky enough to get to sample their menu and recommended items during their prelaunch.
It was a merry gathering of bloggers during the event and the place was comfortable and lively. So keep reading to find out more about this new dessert and tea place which I'm sure many would love!

Their logo! Its a direct translation to the Chinese name too!
 As we were there for the pre-opening, you can see that their signboard is still not revealed as they had to wait for the good day according to the Chinese calendar. They officially opened on the 20th Dec 2011 and had a grand opening on that day!
And this is their photo on the opening! Even had lion dance and the work! We wish them a very successful business!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spice Market Cafe Dinner Buffet!

Was very lucky to have my company dinner at Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe! To make it even better, we had the buffet on a Friday evening and thus, it was seafood night. How much luckier could it be right?
So without ado, this is going to be a photofest of pictures about what this buffet has to offer! So read on to see what's in store. Also, for those planning to try out their buffet, I understand that they have some great promotions on offer such as buy 1 free 1 on certain days of the week! Do give them a call to find out and make reservations!

Christmas is already in the air here!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lighthouse Coffee Revisited

Really lucky of me to have the chance to sample some of the best from Lighthouse Coffee recently. The previous time I was there, I only had the chance to sample 1 coffee and their carrot cake. This time since we were there as a group, we got to sample many many more! Located at Logan Heirtage Building, Lighthouse coffee is started due to the passion for coffee. They not only roast their own coffee, but provides coffee to businesses and also trains baristas. I can truly say, if you want to know more about coffee, Lighthouse Coffee is the place to go. Its the best of the west in the east ! Keep on reading to find out ya!
A very colorful potted plant hanging from the shades of Lighthouse Coffee
A very full Latte! The skill of the barista is what makes the nice decoration possible! Wanna train to be a barista, then Lighthouse Coffee provides this training too!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Behind 50 Revisited

As I have written in the past before, Behind 50 is an interesting place where the owners have a passion for art and food! Their walls is decorated with 50 frames of pictures as well as many relics of their childhood past. So hope you like this post of my experience eating there!
Picture frames
Toys from the past

Nostalgie of Steward Lane

Located on 34 Steward Lane is a new establishment serving some home made Italian food called Nostalgie. This is a family run business with brothers and sisters as well as their mom! So what makes Nostalgie such an interesting place is the fact that its set in a pre-war house which is very homely as they have put in alot of effort to refurbish the place as it was probably more than 50 years ago. So keep reading to find out more about the place ya!

The exterior of Nostalgie. With the Chinese and Nyonya influence nicely done
Its a double storey building with a high roof line.

Coffee Atelier ~ Not just about Food

Located on Steward Lane where Kopi Cine & Bon Ton used to be, it has now been remodeled and rebranded as Coffee Atelier. Coffee Atelier comprises a few pre-war shop houses from no 47 to 55 and now boast suites for stays, an art gallery, a coffee museum as well as a cafe of course. The proud owners are Lorina and Stefan Gehrig and they are really a very lovely couple who would be more than happy to share with visitors their love for this place (and its food).
The Cafe is aptly named 55 Cafe after the number of the building. How simple and elegant way of naming. Its worthy to note that the building here was built in 1927, and that means its over 80 years old! It's just amazing how these old buildings can withstand the test of time, and after so many events through history, continue to stand tall and proud. So without ado, lets start looking at some of the delicious goodies which is served here.

OK, to keep your suspense abit longer, I start with some general pictures of 55 Cafe and its building facade!

Joyous Cafe

Joyous Cafe is located at one of the oldest part of the city at the newly refurbished Logan Heritage Building along Union Street. Started by 4 sisters, Joyous Cafe goal is to deliver healthy and delicious tasty food to everyone. Here at Joyous Cafe, they specialize in not just food and drinks on their premise, but also preparing some more unique full moon package for parents and their family. The difference between what they have here is that the choices are more modern and they have over 10 different varieties to choose from as well as different price ranges. Thus, for those looking for a change and celebrating a joyous occasion, do check this place out.
The exterior, chic and simple.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Ocean Park

As with any visit to Hong Kong, I guess the 2 biggest amusement parks are Ocean Park and also Disneyland. Ocean Park is located on the south of Hong Kong island and you will need to take a bus to get there. But there are plenty of buses so this is not a concern. As we were there during October, they were deck out for Halloween thus I guess its something out of the norm. It was really amazing to see droves of people coming in after dark to get frightened silly! I would say this place is great for those seeking family fun, but the huge influx of Chinese tourist really spoilt the mood. They are rude, pushy and have no respect for others. Try to avoid tourist places that have lots of them.

All deck out on the escalator leading to Ocean Park entrance

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Chew Yuen Restaurant

After we went to Wong Tai Sin Temple, we headed to Central for lunch. And we were brought to a small coffee shop that is really hidden to have some of the best Teo Chew fish balls and meat balls noodle that can be found. This place is called Chew Yuen Restaurant. Well not sure if its a restaurant as its almost a hole in the wall, but the food is great. Its made from freshly pounded fish and eel meat and for the meat ball, its made from beef. Since I don't take beef, but my friend says its the best around so for beef meat ball lovers, try to find this place. I'm still trying to find the address :p

This is fried eel skin. Its like crackers, very crispy and is just delicious. A must have.
A small poster about the place. I can't read it so for those that can, can always leave a comment.

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Wong Tai Sin Temple

Of all the temples in Hong Kong, I would guess that Wong Tai Sin is probably the most famous of all. Well, we took the opportunity to go to "Kau Chim" and this was a must do item on our trip to Hong Kong. There were of course many people and thankfully the weather was superb thus it was a nice sunny day to go to make a wish. Won't tell you all what I wish for, but according to the person who helps in translating the meaning, this is not my year and need to wait patiently for next year. So for those keen to have a glimpse into your hopes, wishes or future, make sure to note down Wong Tai Sin Temple while in Hong Kong!
The majestic arches 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tea Secret - Queensbay Mall Opening

On 11.11.2011, Tea Secrets had their Grand Opening in Queensbay Mall. It was a happening affair as many were invited to participate in this special occasion. The public were treated to an opening special in which the drinks were sold at only RM1 each. This caused quite a long queue as many were eager to give it a try.
I would like to congratulate them on their opening and of course we got to sample a drink from them for the opening. But their menu is so varied, that definitely many more visits will be needed to go through their menu. I had on that day, their Japanese Brown Rice Green Tea with some pearls added. The brown rice were brewed with their tea brewing machine and then added to make the tea. It had a earthly tone to the taste and was very happy with it. 
So keep reading as I took more of their photos! Comments welcomed!

Ding Ding!
The eager crowd queueing up 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thai Bayok Restaurant

I recently had the opportunity to be invited for a food review at Thai Bayok Restaurant which is located at the Heritage Club of Penang. This Thai restaurant has opened for awhile but I guess its not that well known since its not easily seen from outside the compound. So its really great that we get to sample some of their signature dishes here. Do continue reading to know more about this place ya!

Tel : 04-2278308
Address : Restaurant Thai Baiyok , (inside Heritage Club, opposite Penang Sports Club)
2 Jalan Scotland, Penang.
GPS : N5.419202, E100.304216

Sign board for Heritage Club
Entrance to Thai Bayok Restaurant

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Tsui Wah Restaurant

After a tiring day, we decided to have dinner after witnessing the light show. Got recommended to try out this place called Tsui Wah Restaurant. It's a place that has lots of branches everywhere and they are slightly more expensive than the norm. The choices are not that much and kind of limited and expect about HKD100 per person including your drinks.

The green sign of the place
Glass door entrance
One of their signature is the toasted bun with condensed milk. At first we thought it will be a pork bun. LOL

Had a coffee with ice cream as I was really thirsty and hot
Tea or Lai Char.
Hong Kong Sui Kow with  wan tan noodle. Their noodles are still way better than many of those found in Penang. The soup its served in is very good too.
This is what I call a Sui Kow. The size and texture. Just like how its made at home.

This is Garoupa fried with bitter gourd. This is really a nice dish though abit pricey. I think its like HKD65. I guess we should not have ordered so many dishes, forgetting that the portions here are much bigger than in Malaysia. But you do get lots of chunks of fish

The last dish is garoupa with king prawns in a egg batter. Its abit like wat tan hor with fish and prawns. Again, pricey and not as taste tantalizing as the bitter gourd one. Very suitable for kids but again, portion is enough to share.

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Light Show

This post is about the infamous Hong Kong Light Show at Tsim Sha Tsui which is on every night of the year. We went to witness this after we went to The Peak. The place to gather is where the Avenue of Stars is located. The time, 8.00pm sharp daily. So from The Peak, we took the bus again to Central Pier and then took the ferry into Tsim Sha Tsui. The ferry was fun and a quick journey across the waters and I was glad to still see many people using it. 

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Madamme Tussauds

Visiting The Peak in Hong Kong, I guess as a tourist, Madamme Tussauds wax museum is an obvious choice for a place to go. Surprisingly, they have quite a number of Asian stars here but I was really disappointed that Jacky Chan wax statue is the only one that is not allowed to be photograph. I'm not sure this is Jacky Chan's fault or Madamme Tussauds trying to milk money out of tourist already spending on tickets, but this is just ridiculous. If it's Jacky's choice, then I'm not sure you can be called "Tai Kor" as this is not something I hope to role model. If you read this ever, I hope you will do something about it.
Anyway, all in all, I guess its a worthwhile place to spend the afternoon. My daughter was really enjoying herself too.
Our own Malaysian superstar! Dato Michelle Yeoh

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Victoria Peak

We were really lucky as my wife got some tips from her friends about taking an open top bus to the Peak tram station from Central Jetty! So for those looking a a fun way to Peak Tram Station, do try this out!

The bus is 15C. Its located infront of Pier 8.

There is a bus every 15 minutes. Didn't get a shot from the front as the queue was getting long and worried of losing our front placing!
Gorgeous clear blue skies

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Apple Store, Central Jetty (Day 2)

After my walk around the Central district and the Dried Seafood Street, our next stop was Victoria Peak. But to get there, we needed to hop on a bus at the Central Jetty. Lo and behold, as we were walking there, we passed by the Apple Store! Apples first and flagship store in Hong Kong. It spans 2 floors and even have the signature glass staircase!

This is the Apple Store famous glass staircase. Its pretty interesting, like you are walking on something so fragile! But also like you are floating

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Around Central!

Well, I guess this post is about some street photos of bustling Hong Kong life. These were mainly taken in Central Hong Kong and there are even the trams still operating here. Its called Ding Ding, as when the tram arrives and leaves, it will ring the bell with the sound of Ding Ding!
So keep browsing to see whats in store as I walkabout this area of Hong Kong!

Pedestrians crossing the many busy road
In between the skyscrapers, there are many many old buildings like these.

Hong Kong 2011 ~ CHE's Cantonese Restaurant

So this is the 2nd day I was in Hong Kong and what a bright sunny morning it is. Finally get to see better where we were staying and the scene out the window was just WOW! I'm 45 storeys high up and surrounded by blocks of building! Just kind of amazes me that these kind of construction is able to take place so closely to each other. Then its off to breakfast or brunch with Dim Sum on the menu today! Read on.

Liberte Apartments in Lai Chi Kok!

Lighthouse Coffee

There is a coffee place which is where coffee lovers hang out in Penang. This place is called Lighthouse Coffee and its located in Logan's Heritage building along Bishop Street. Its where all the banks are as most people would normally say. What makes this place so special is that they are real coffee lovers who started this place. I haven't introduced myself before to them but have just visited and have some coffee before but you can find them on Facebook. They are always in competitions or judging for competitions so I'm very sure the owners know their ins and out about coffee. But most importantly, the coffee here is really good and even their limited food is also nice. Only quirks is their operating time but I guess I myself am to blame for being a night owl. Good thing is that they open on weekends and prepare for the place to be packed!

This is how they look from the outside. Its not a very big entrance but you should not have issues locating it.
Chalk board with their sign on it :)