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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Victoria Peak

We were really lucky as my wife got some tips from her friends about taking an open top bus to the Peak tram station from Central Jetty! So for those looking a a fun way to Peak Tram Station, do try this out!

The bus is 15C. Its located infront of Pier 8.

There is a bus every 15 minutes. Didn't get a shot from the front as the queue was getting long and worried of losing our front placing!
Gorgeous clear blue skies

Thats Mya in the front most seat!
Me and my buddy!

What a sight!

There it is. The Peak Tram Station. Look at the queue. OK here is a tip, if you have an Octopus card or plan to buy a package ticket, you do not have to queue. Just walk straight to the counter!

Just look at the crowd! It's kind of crazy actually
Finally managed to get on the tram. Its really a steep incline

Some didn't manage to get a seat. My poor buddy!
Tram passing! Whoosh!
First glimpse of the Hong Kong skyline

The infamous Hong Kong Victoria Peak view! A must see
Some really expensive homes!

Thats the ICC building reflecting the suns rays

There is a big love decoration and we took turns having photos

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