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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Little Cottage 2 - Just a simple buffet

I'm sure most foodies in Penang would have heard of Little Cottage before and so happened I was invited for dinner hosted by my wife's friend at Little Cottage 2. This is at the old Waterfall Restaurant and this place is slightly bigger than the premise at Jalan Burma. The nice thing about this place is that they serve buffets on the weekend and they even does special bookings like what I had on this evening. The place was reserved and they have a buffet spread which I find a decent value for money. So for those looking for a nice meal at a good price, check out this place.

Their card so you can have the contacts and hours :)
Some decorations, makes it look like a old cottage :p
Wall deco which are just lovely

Christmas is coming soon... hmmm though still few months away. But its nice anyway

They used to have lots of these pens to give away
Cutleries on the table.
A view of the interior

The place where the buffet spread is. The blue glow area is that of the icecream. They have about 8 flavors and also Ice Kacang too!
And the buffet spread :) Nice and tidy.

And my food taster! Hahah, my daughter enjoying the soup
And the slurping down her favorite food, pasta. They had spaghetti bolognese that night.
Yeap, its approved!
This is fish in cheese! Just look at all those crispy cheese, and its melted cheese with cream inside too!
This was their specialty that night I think. Its Loh Bak! Hahah, yeah, Little Cottage 2 has some mean Loh Bak. Too bad only one kind though, the original meat wraps version only!
Italian rice with mushrooms! A little like fried rice with some muchrooms and lots of pepper!
They even have a good selection of local desserts. I think on their actual Sunday buffet lunch you get even more goodies. I saw them preparing melted chocolate with marshmallow for dips. Too bad not for my meal :p
Fresh made kaya to go with the Nyonya Kuih

Some cup puddings. These were gone really really fast!
This is one of my many plates that night. Abit of everything, prawn, pasta, fish, chicken, rice, sausages, Loh Bak!

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