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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple and Penang Hill

Recently on Deepavali holiday, my family and I took our relatives who came to Penang to Kek Lok Si as well as up to Penang Hill. It was really enjoyable time and moreover, it was not too crowded during this time. Thus just something to share to you all ya.

The Goddess of Mercy Bronze statue at the top of Kek Lok Si. The canopy is currently under construction thus visitors are not allowed to go right up to the status like in the past.
 Close up view. Still a sight to behold
 This is the original statue made from stone/cement. It was said that during the 1988 Penang Ferry Jetty collapse tragedy, the arm of the Goddess of Mercy here broke in order to prevent more people from perishing. She sacrificed her arm to save all those in need!

 A view from the top of Kek Lok Si
 Some random shots
 See now its only the head portion that is left of the old statue
 Another view
 We had lunch at the vegetarian restaurant there. The price was pretty reasonable and they have set meals too!

 This is fried seaweed appetizer! Very crunchy and tastes good
 Vegetarian fish meat. This one has abit of spiciness to it
 This is like Sweet and Sour pork :p We had a few more dishes but I was too busy baby sitting to take photos as many were hungry.
 A view of the many tortoise at the tortoise pond. For some reason, there don't seem to be any giant tortoise around unlike those found in Ipoh Sam Poh Tong.
 Kissing tortoise??
 After a walk down from Kek Lok Si, its time to head to Penang Hill. This is the new tram. Fully air conditioned. Locals with MyKad for adults is only RM8 both ways, and for foreigners its RM30. Seniors and child is only RM4. Again, make sure you have a MyKad or driving license. I have to say, after just visiting Victoria Peak in Hong Kong, I miss sitting in an open air tram. The feel is just not there anymore
 And we have reach the top. What a view. If Penang has as many high rise as Hong Kong, this view can surely match that of Victoria Peak! Its definitely a few degrees cooler up here
 Easily spotted Penang Bridge

 Thats downtime Georgetown. Can you see Komtar? Also on the top its Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam. Wonderful clear skies

 Saw this giant milipede on the sidewalk. It was almost 8 inches long. I have a video of it. Really look like it has a million legs and a choo choo train!
 There were artist making leafy grasshoppers as souvenirs. I need to recall how to make one!
 And my wife had some Henna design done too!

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  1. 1988 Penang ferry terminal tragedy revisited : I'm not sure if it was the arm of this white plaster Kuan Yin that broke off or the arm of Kuan Yin image from the Pitt Street temple that was supposed to be taken for a procesion. Nevertheless, it was indeed the Goddess's mercy that saved more lives from being lost.