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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Day 1

After so so many years of planning to visit Hong Kong, it has finally happened this year. This is a trip with my lovely family and really brought back alot of great memories with us. So follow me on my journey as I write about it.

Mya waiting anxiously for the flight. Its Air Asia to Hong Kong direct from Penang. Flight got delayed by 30 minutes, so not that bad luckily.

 Apple and Mya. Mya first time sitting on an airplane. So excited she is.

 Like a big boss....

 This is the Chicken Spaghetti from Air Asia. This one is actually quite worth it. Taste pretty good too

 Their famous Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice on the other hand was a complete disappointment. Just look at how little and thinly sliced the chicken is. Come on, you want to rip off customers also don't be this bad.

 Mya approving of the Spaghetti. She practically finished every single drop of the sauce as well. I only got 1 bite.

 As the sun set, it created a beautiful glow in the sky. Managed to get this shot
 As we were landing, due to the change in air pressure, poor Mya's ear got painful. Luckily it was only for a short duration
 And we have landed safely in Hong Kong Airport. There she is all cheeky again.
 Apple and Mya on the train to the terminal to collect our baggage.
 And thats me. Thats Mya's finger trying to be funny
 As we reached my buddies home, we dropped our bags and headed for dinner. It was really convenient as just below his apartment place there is a shopping center with supermarkets and restaurants. We had dinner at Tai Hing Restaurant!
A look at the interior. This is a slightly better Char Chan Ten.

 We had claypot tofu with seafood. This was really good and had lots of condiments in it. The flavor was also to our liking.
 This is the dish I liked alot. Its Hong Kong Choy Sum with prawn sauce in a claypot. It's abit like belacan but not spicy at all. This is one dish I have not had a similar one in Malaysia yet.
 Finally this is steamed tofu with fresh fish slices. There is some preserved radish (mui choy) sprinkled on top to give it that extra flavor.
 This is how iced milk tea is meant to be. The ice is outside the cup and not inside. This ensures the ice doesn't dilute the drink. When will they do this here locally? hmmmm
 And this is looking up at the place I'm staying at. Its called Liberte! All fancy names in Hong Kong apartments. Also, its 55 storeys in total!
 A look inside. A very comfortable place indeed.
 Compact but fully functional kitchen!
 And a mouse!
 So we have lots of Transformers to protect us! Hahaha. This is it for our first day in Hong Kong!