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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicago Rib House : New Menu for Pork"Fection"!

For those not familiar with Gurney Plaza, well, there is a place for pork lovers to munch on their favorite type of meat. This is the Chicago Rib House which is located on the ground floor of Gurney Plaza where many of the al fresco dining outlets are located. At first, I thought that they only serve limited pork items but boy was I wrong. Here, they have many great pork dishes that will truly satisfy the taste buds.
I was lucky enough to be invited to try their new menu and I must say, I do not regret attending this review. Do keep reading as I will explain it via the pictures as we go along.

Chicago Rib House
GP-170-G-43, Gurney Plaza
Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Tel : 04-2290763
Facebook :

The entrance to the Chicago Rib House!
Signs on the doors. Rib House here I come!
And this is the highlight sneakpeak! Pork Ribs in Flaming Kansas City Sauce!

Their new menu. All the good things are still here and many improved upon.
Their bar has a beautiful turquoise glow to it. Choose your poison, as a pirate would say. 
 The indoor dining area. Some cobwebs decal for the coming Halloween.
Condiments for their drinks.
 Their new drinks line up.
From left : Ocean Mojito (alcoholic), Banana Berry, Beach Fiesta, Pine Slussy, Mai Tai (alcoholic), Apple Mojito (alcoholic), Long Island Iced Tea (alcoholic), Peach Lynch. I got to try out the Banana Berry and Peach Lynch. The Banana Berry is a blend of banana almost like a yogurt drink. Its abit heavy though. The Peach Lynch is refreshing with the taste of peach as its name implies!
 For Starters, we have the Cheese Nachos, RM17.90. These are crunchy tortilla chips with some bits of shredded chicken, cheese, tomatoes and onions sprinkled on top and comes with a special salsa dip. The chips were nice and crunchy and the sauce has a bit of tanginess to it. There is also a Ranch dressing if one prefers it.
 How often do you get chips with shredded chicken?

 Oriental Wedge Salad, RM15.90 is a salad with an Asian twist to it. We would typically get salads with thousand island dressing or such but here, they have cooked up their own recipe which consists of peanut butter and lime juice. The iceberg lettuce gives it a crispy texture and the peanut buttery taste with the zesty lime juice complements the salad well. There is even some mandarin oranges thrown in. I can easily finish this salad all by myself :p

 Trio Sampler, RM32.90. As the name implies, this sampler has 3 items, which is the Potato Skins, Buffalo Wings and Pork Chilli Corn Carne. The Potato Skins are coats in a thick layer of cheese and the Buffalo Wings are well marinated and are juicy to the bone. The special of course is the Chilli which is made with lots of mince pork and topped with a layer of melted cheese. The flavor is of a rich herb mix with a dash of spiciness. It went really well with the chips!

  Here is Mark having his pint of Hoegarden!
 And here comes the main course! This is the Pork Ribs in Original Sauce, (Half Rack RM32.90, Full Rack RM53.90) One can choose the 2 side dishes that accompanies their ribs and there is a list to choose from. Here we have fries and coleslaw. Back to the ribs. The ribs here are first slow roasted in Hickory wood, which would infuse the meat with additional aroma. The slow roasting is also what cooks the meat and maintains its juiciness level. When its ordered, the ribs and then further grilled to give it a slightly crispy outside and further maximizing the flavors. I have to say, the meat did fall off the bones nicely and this is a definitely plus. As for the sauce, its a BBQ sauce that complements the ribs well.

And then we have the new Pork Ribs in Flaming Kansas City Sauce (Half rack RM38.90, Full rack RM59.90) This pork rib is cooked in the same way as the original but the marination and sauce is slightly different. Of course, the speciality is only seen when its served at the table. The waiter would pour 1 shot of Bourbon Whiskey on the ribs and then flame it!
 Yeah, flaming on the ribs it self right in front of your eyes on your table! This flaming process burns of the alcohol from the Bourbon and leaves the meat with a very aromatic aftertaste that is just so heavenly. Yes, for those who love their pork with some alcohol, this is surely it.
 Here we have Grilled Bourbon Chicken, RM27.90. This is 2 pieces of boneless chicken breast marinated with their Bourbon sauce and then grilled to perfection. Then its sprinkled with some cheese so as to make it even more delectable as it is. Its served with some broiled vegies and also their rice. Almost like a nice plate of chicken rice ya? Well, the chicken were really succulent and the sauce worked well with it. Good part is that the chicken is not overcook or tough as typical with grilled chicken breast. I can't say that though for the rice. On the sampling night, the rice was undercook and thus, not good at all. Feedback was given thus hopefully they will improve on this one. My recommendation would be to have their chef try out the rice first after its cooked to see if its good, and then serve it.

 I was surprised to know that they even have pork tenderloin on the menu other than the ribs. Here we have the 8oz Pork Tenderloin for only RM32.90. The pork tenderloin is as the name implies, the most tender piece of meat. And it doesn't disappoint here as the tenderloin in cube shapes hold up well and grilled evenly. The tenderloin is served on a bed of homemade Apple Cinnamon sauce which is abit unique but works well. I'm not 100% sure about the cooking process but I do find that there are some pieces of the tenderloin which was abit tough and overcooked. But maybe thats just me :p

 This would be a favorite with my daughter who just love pasta dishes, the Southwestern Chilli Pasta, RM22.90. Don't let the chilli in the name scare ya, its hardly spicy at all and I'm sure most kids and adults would love it. Ample servings of the meat sauce with the fettucine makes this a very filling pasta dish. The fettucine were good and I always love my pasta not too wet from the sauce and this meat sauce does the trick. It was full of herbs and was flavorful like a homemade pasta sauce.

 And finally we have the dessert. This is the Brownie Royale, RM12.90. Its a piece of homemade brownie and topped with a scoop of icecream and lots of chocolate sauce and pine nuts. The icecream blends well with the brownie though I would have preferred if the piece of brownie was more generous. Its enough for 1 person just barely but the plate was huge in comparison.

Overall, I would say that Chicago Rib House is a great place for its pork yummies. Its tagline for Pork"Fection" doesn't disappoints and I'm sure many will agree. The service was good and one thing to note was that we were even served hot towels when we finished out meals. Thats really a nice touch to end a hearty and filling meal indeed. Hope this keeps up and they are also going to open another branch in 1 Utama soon. Check their Facebook out to stay in touch on the latest happenings from them.

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