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Monday, June 22, 2015

A Day in Taichung ~ Of Museums and History

As we are strolling in Taichung, one thing is obvious. There are many cultural places here, be it art or natural history. I guess this is really great for those that like to learn about the place and its culture. Right behind Kuo's Cheesecake has now been converted into an open air art gallery show casing alot of abstract and modern art by local artists.
There are also some souvenir shops but no photos allowed. So just take my word for it. I tried searching on Google map what this place is called but seems its not updated in Google yet. But the place is really a very relaxing place and I guess it was still work in progress in March 2015 but Im sure its completed now. So checkout the photos. Basically we walked all the way to the National Museum of Natural Science and that was where we took a bus to head to the night market.

The display of hanging pails
 They have all these colorful tires for people to sit I believe

 This is the souvenir shop I mentioned which did not allow photography. Lots of nice stuff but not very cheap ya.
 More wall art on the building walls
 This is a art installation that is not completed yet thus I can't go near it. Very interesting with the shiny and reflective huts on the beautiful lawn
 This was an art piece along the road
 An interesting sight we saw were these fashion design students who were parading their clothing designs and telling people that their graduation ceremony would be soon and I guess inviting people to attend. Surprise that they manage to get so many people to dorn their clothing

 All come complete with makeup and hair set le

 The many skyscrapers though not as high as those in Taipei
 The path leading to the museum
 Dinosaurs as chairs and tables. Kids were having fun
 Finally reach the museum. It was a big museum but we did not enter as it was almost closing time already
 On the floor infront of the museum is an interactive display where a camera captures us and places us with the dinosaur. Can you spot us standing in the middle?
 One thing I like about here is their well curated garden

 This tree is perfectly bald but has such a nice shape to it
 This is a tree from Madagascar - The Baobab
 They have a few growing there. Its really a unique tree with its huge column but scarce leaf
 Another bald tree. I guess spring hasn't made it leaf yet
 As the sun is setting
 Colorful flowers everywhere in the garden areas of the museum
 There is also a rainforest area though you also need to pay admission charges
 And the most unique thing we saw, this live anime! Yes, it was a person dress in a full suit anime costume. I have seen many people do up cosplay but this is the first time I have seen a full from head to toe suit. Frankly have no idea if its a girl or guy underneath it. "She" was posing for a group of photographers whom I presume organized this. To me it looks scary lo

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