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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sheraton Hotel Dongguan, Guangzhou, China

Sheraton Hotel in Dongguan is a very popular hotel which is frequented or should I say preferred by the westerners or better known as Ang Moh. Located at the major road in Town, this is a full 5 Star hotel which definitely meets the typical standard of a Sheraton property.
Being an SPG member, its always a pleasure when you get to stay in the SPG floor or get an upgrade (though Im not always that lucky). I guess I do have to thank my previous employer for being able to provide a safe and comfortable accommodation each time we have to travel. So far so good with my experience here.

So on with the rooms. As can be seen in the photos below, its pretty much how its portrayed in the brochures. Its clean and comfortable and there is no dank smell in the room. One of the things I notice with an international chain hotel is that if you ask for a non smoking room, you will get a non smoking room whereas local China hotels really depend on your luck.

You get a flat screen TV though I wish the cable quality was better. There were some channels which was really fuzzy. The work table could also be improved as this one is quite small. Put a laptop and charge a phone and you used up half the table. Where to put room service??
The bathroom was fully equipped and even comes with a long bath and also a shower stall. Bathrobes are provided by default but they are darn heavy
They have a pretty decent dining cafe on the ground floor called Botanica Brasserie Restaurant and I managed to sample their dinner buffet. It happened that it was a curry theme that day. They had quite a selection of curries, though I felt it was abit diluted compared with curries in Malaysia
Ample selection of sushi and sashimi available
As always, desserts are very colorful
There was a noodle station to select your own choice of condiments
I was surprised they even had roti jala. Too bad the curry was not as thick else it would have been perfect match
Whole roast chicken
BBQ corner had a good choice of variety of meat and seafood. Just select the items and put it on a plate and return a couple minutes later to collect the food
Lots of pots containing more food
Large a spacious area
Selection of salads
My first plate. My favorite papadom crackers
Second plate with the BBQ fish
Choice of bread and pastries
3rd plate
4th plate
Some close up of desserts

My dessert is mostly fruits
Overall the food here is pretty acceptable though not mind blowing. Its decently priced and you get your moneys worth. Do note that the photos in this posts were from my mobile phone as did not have my camera with me that time. Cheers and hope you enjoy your stay at this hotel.

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