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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chiak Penang @ Eastin Hotel Penang

Hehe, I guess some of the readers here would know that after a hiatus of 9 months, Im now back in Penang. Taiwan was a enjoyable experience and I guess there is still alot of writing about that place for me to complete. Still have not share alot of yummilicious places but hope I will soon.
But in terms of flavor and variety, I have to say it still can't beat Malaysia. No doubt there is alot of great and high end food, but if you are looking for a rendang or nasi lemak, good luck there in Taiwan.

So this May and June 2015, Eastin is bringing you a Chiak Penang fiesta as their theme where they will have a bunch of yummy local dishes to savour your taste buds. From local appetizers such as various kerabu and gado-gado to fruit rojak, main courses from western, asian and local flavors to various desserts, this buffet lunch will appeal to many with its great value for money pricing.

Available every weekday from noon to 2.30pm, and priced at RM66 nett per adult and RM33 nett per child, this buffet is really worth it. There is also a senior citizen discount of 50% so if you are retired but like to enjoy a buffet, this is bang for the buck. There is also an ongoing promotion for Citibank credit card holders where there is a buy 1 free 1 campaign. Also if you own a Maybank or Citibank credit card you are also entitled to a 15% discount for their buffet dinner. So head on over to try this buffet. You can check out the photos for some of the highlights. 

With a colorful theme, its only fitting that the food is served on colorful platters :)

Dhall Masak Sayur or Vegetable with Dhall is a flavorful and healthy take on the traditional dhall. It reminds me of the curry vegetables which I really enjoy
 Papadum is probably one of my favorite snacks to go with curry or more specifically Nasi Kandar. In this months Chiak Penang, Nasi Kandar dishes are some of the highlights.
 Fried money bags with yam filling. I initially thought meat will be inside but the yam filling gives it a nice slightly sweet twist. Nice and crispy so its a good money bag ya.
Baked fennel with pepper and tomato
 A twist on the traditional murtabak we have here is with meat and cheese filling. Seems like many food is now going cheesy eh.
 A special of the day, Telur Ikan Masak Lemak! Fish roe in coconut milk was a delicacy. Imagine how many roe that they needed to cook this dish. I enjoyed it much
 The gravy goes really well with white rice
  Ikan Pangang dengan Air Asam or grilled fish with tamarind juice. The fish with the tanginess and slight spiciness of the marinate made this a great grill fish to have. Good thing is that there is no burnt piece of fish and all was made just nice. Since they use fish fillets, you don't need to worry about bones too.
 Nyonya chicken Pong Tei was a take on this dark gravy chicken which is a popular nyonya dish. The chicken was succulent and this too went well with rice.
 Here comes some of the specials for Nasi Kandar lovers. Curry Fish head was excellent with big chunky pieces of fish and the curry was superb. With curry fish head so expensive nowadays, its good to know you can eat till your hearts content here as theykeep refilling the dishes.
 Kambing Masak Merah or goat curry was another winner with the rendang like gravy. The meat was also tender and juicy and I can't help getting seconds.
 Closer look at the chunky pieces of meat
 Now, this was something which should have been placed next to the white rice but it was at the dishes section. Nasi Minyak Hujan Panas was such a gem and luckily for me that I did not scoop the white rice first while I check out the offering. Note to all buffet hunters, always try to survey what they have before grabbing or following the queue. I had this with the various curries and it was a match made for it.
One more item to grab and should not be missed would be the selection of fried seafood. They have pomphret, prawns, crabs and chicken available. If you are a big eater like me, why not grab one of each.
 In their action corner, they had Yong Tau Fu today and though it was not the best, the taste can still pass off as acceptable. would have been much better if they had seared the fish stuffing first to give it that edge.
 Now for some western flavors. Here we have the chicken scallopini with beef bacon and sage pasta. Now normally I would say pasta are best cooked on individual portions but the one at the buffet line here was pretty good. They were definitely very generous with the toppings and condiments and the pasta was still al dente.
 Homemade mushroom cannelloni filled with cheese and spinach was a unique take. I felt it was abit watery but taste wise still ok.
 Minced lamb kofta on Onion Compote was a really good lamb dish. You will not have any gamey taste but Im still not sure why its called minced lamb when it was surely carved lamb pieces of meat. Anyway, whichever it is, I like this one
 And oven baked red snapper fillet with lemon infused cream sauce would be a great dish on a fine dining plate but when in a buffet line, its great but with everyone taking a scoop, the nice baked fish is hard to stay in 1 piece. Taste wise, the sauce went well with the fish
As usual, they have a wide variety of whole cakes and it changes daily. There was cheese cake today :)
Mini desserts in a cup
And some on a spoon
Wash it all down with some cendol topped with your choice of ice cream (self service as the ice cream box) and I can't imagine how you can continue to work for the day as your digestive system will be on overdrive. Hehe, not safe for work?

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