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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gartien Crystal Pineapple Confiture Crossover Promotion

The name Gartien is quickly becoming a brandname in Penang as the leading producer of some very fine pineapple cakes - check out the link here. Now as their creativity expands, they have currently added a pineapple confiture aka jam to their mix of offering for a very limited time and in conjunction with this, they have partnered with 4 very distinguished food establishment where the pineapple confiture is used in a variety of ways to showcase the many uses of this confiture.

The places are ZiZai Restaurant, 43 Cafe, Soul Cafe and Kai Curry Bar! From now till end of May 2015, just order the Gartien Crossover creation at two of the above establishment and capture a photo of it and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the following hashtags, #gartien #pineapplecake #confiture . Bring proof of this (just show your post at Gartien) and you will then be able to redeem a bottle of this very special confiture worth RM16.80 while stock lasts. Do checkout Gartiens Facebook page here for latest updates

So do checkout a quick introduction on these places ya!
And here is a picture of the lovely bottles of the Gartien Pineapple Confitures!

Kai Curry Bar is located at 15, Jalan Phuah Hin Leong just off Burma Road and they serve some really yummy Japanese styled curry. Their curries come in 2 choices of base, one is pork and another vegetable. My preferred choice is the pork base as its has the extra meaty sweetness that I enjoy.
 Your table number on the mug
 This is the Japanese Curry Rice (Pork) with the Gartien Pineapple Confiture. The pineapple adds a nice tangy taste to the curry and goes really well with the pork cutlet. This was my first time to Kai's and I must say they are really value for money!
 You will not complain not having enough gravy with your rice for sure. The portion is really huge and very reasonably priced. So off we go snap snap #gartien #confiture #pineapplecake and post it on Instagram quickly :)
 Next place to checkout is Soul Cafe located at 12, Jalan Kek Chuan just off Macalister Road. Its located at one of the colorful restored shoplots there and easily spotted. Finding a parking could be challenging sometimes though
The interior is really nicely decorated and is a heaven for photographers!
 Just look at the wall display. Those huge white lenses are actually drink mugs :)
 They have some pretty nice and interesting appetizers
 And this is the special Ananas Punch using a combination of tea and Gartien's confiture! Of course again we quickly snap a picture and have it in FB and Instagram. That wasn't too difficult right? With this we already met the requirement of 2 places! But of course, more to come.

 Next stop, ZiZai Restaurant which is now infamous for their Poon Choi! They are located at 1239-G Ground Floor, Jalan Paya Terubong. Of course, we were here today focusing on their crossover specialty. But lets see what else did Chef Hock Chai cook up.

 To start a nice cold glass of longan drink! Truly refreshing.
 Ta daa. The use of Gartien's confiture was to match to their sweet and sour pork (Ku Lou Yuk). It blended in perfectly as pineapple is commonly used for the sauce as well. During our dinner there, almost every table ordered this! The pork was succulent and the sweet and sour sauce worked very well. And best of all, even though its drenched in sauce, the pork stayed crunchy for some time. This one hor, need to be careful as you will tend to want to eat it before snapping a picture. Haha, luckily I remembered, so hashtags ya.
 They has their special egg with chilli on a pan. Yum yum again.
 Their popular lala
 And how can we not have the Poon Choi. This picture was taken by my 8 year old daughter. Not bad eh!

And finally the last place featured in this program, which is 43 Cafe which is located at 43, Jalan Sungai Dua. Its the owners home and also cafe where they serve some really authentic creations.

Who can resist a burger layered with all those bacon? I know I can't.
 They have their special pork belly which is served with a salad and potatoes on the side. The pork belly was amazing and their secret sauce blended so well together. I think anyone trying would fall in love.
 Being a vege lover, I have to say that their signature salad was very enjoyable and I really liked their dressing
 And if you are really lucky, like we were on that night, you can ask Chef Jacgy if he have something special for the day. It could be anything, and tonight, he had spaghetti with bacon cubes, Italian sausages, curry leave and chilli making this one heck of a spicy combination. My wife would have loved it to bits. I wish he did the pork lard with liver combo which he always tempts people with
 And 43 Cafe's creation was to match Gartien's confiture to their homemade vanilla icecream!  Again, the contrast in flavors worked well and because icecream melts ya, so hurry, do the snap and hashtag thing, and savor this beautiful crafted icecream!
So everyone you better hurry up to savour these crossover creations while stock last. Official date is till end of May 2015 but do check Gartiens Facebook page above for latest updates ya. Happy eating and for this month, posting and hashtags as it will reward you too. #gartien #confiture #pineapplecake

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