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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gartien Pineapple Cake ~ Penang

Located in the heart of Georgetown, Gartien has sprung up in an old refurbished shophouse at 68 Lorong Macalister( UPDATE : It is now located at 380 Penang Road) which is right opposite Komtar and easily accessible via Jalan Burma. So what exactly is Gartien about? Well, its started by a young chap who has a love for good food and he came up with his own recipe for a pineapple cake. Yes, compared to the typical pineapple tarts which are so common, he went a step further to instead incorporate a pastry shell for the delicious pineapples that is what Gartien is about.
They source for their own pineapples from the local pineapple farm located on the mainland at Nibong Tebal and this ensures fresh and a constant supply of ripe and delicious pineapples. Everything here is natural and the filling in this pineapple cake is 100% pineapple that has been purposely cut into bite size chunks rather than mashed pineapple. This is so that every bite will ensure that you get a mouthful of zesty pineapple. The pastry is also very light and has a smooth buttery taste to it which helps to balances out the pineapple. They recommend to serve their cakes with some nice Chinese tea and it really helps to bring the satisfaction to another level. I'm really happy to know that modern Penang is still innovating and there are individuals who continues to bring their creations for all to savour. Do drop by their shop or you can even order it via their website at  

This is the exquisitely packed Gartien Pineapple Cake. It comes in a box of 10 and each cake is individually packed. They only use all natural ingredients thus the cake can only keep for about 1 month in the packaging.

 Their shop aka their production premise aka their showroom aka their tasting room. One place fits all! Its also very nicely decorated

 This is the actual boxes of Gartien's available for sale. They only make limited quantity per day depending on the pineapples available!
 Their interestingly designed box
 A fresh pot of tea is always ready to be served
 A typical box which is robustly designed so that you can even ship it overseas. They even sell this in Melbourne, Australia.
 The pineapple cake taking a peek out from their packaging

 And once you take a bite, this is what you get. Chunky bites of 100% slow cooked pineapples encased in a very nice pastry!

 The exterior which is very well refurbished to have a traditional Nyonya home look

Overall, you should give this pineapple cake a try. You can sample their cake at their shop and I'm sure most will love it!

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