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Friday, December 28, 2012

Food of Guangzhou, China 2012

During my recent trip to Guangzhou, even though I did not get lots of great food but I still had some. This post is dedicated to all the meals which I had in the factory office. Because the location of the factory is quite far from shops, thus everyday, they will order meals and have it delivered to the office. I was surprise by the quality thus it was not too bad, until you start eating the same items for lunch and dinner for a whole week!
But anyway, do have a look of my "office meals"!

My first plate of dishes

 In details, daily fried rice. Not sure why they never once serve white rice
 One of the best BBQ pork I have ever had
 Looks like abalone but its actually mushroom stuffed with pork
 This is fried long beans with dried chilli. Very similar to sambal belacan stir fry
 Never had this dish before. Its stir fried pine nuts with mixed vegetables. Pine nuts in Malaysia is so expensive!
 A very simple garlic stir fry vegetable
 Prawns with chive. Interesting the type of prawns which is used
 "Ku Lo Yuk", fried pork with a sweet and sour sauce. It was very crispy and taste just like back home
 Broiled chicken with soy sauce. The chicken taste like Kampung Chicken
 The daily fried noodle!
 I think after a couple of days, then we decided to have some pizza instead. It was not too bad tasting pizza in China. Heheh

 3 large pizzas and also some pasta. Even have chicken wings and even cold prawns. Beat that Pizza Hut or Dominos!
 Juicy prawns. Was impressed that this also can be had for take away. China people really enjoy life

 On one of the lunch or dinner, they had a larger version of this type of prawn. Looks more like yabbies but pretty sure its a big head prawn. Again, first time eating this kind of prawn

Overall, I would say that the local Chinese food in Malaysia taste almost exactly like that in Guangzhou. No wonder its called Cantonese cuisine!