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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Images of Guangzhou, China, 2012

Well, a couple of weeks back at the start of December of 2012, I needed to make a trip to Guangzhou, which was a place which I have heard of before but never been to. This is my second trip to China, and its also my longest trip there as well. This post will just have pictures which I managed to snap at when I was there, and does not include food which I will post in another posting on my blog. Well, enjoy some snaps of Guangzhou, the place where I could still survive as they do speak or understand Cantonese!
So do hope you enjoy the pictures from my collection.

View from the 22 floor room of my hotel. 
 Close up of the buildings. Its really a mix of new and old in Guangzhou, but nothing that is like historic old

 On top of a 7-11, you get a foot wash and body massage. Interesting
 Buildings continue to sprout like mushrooms here.
 The housing area right next to the hotel
 You still get scenes like this, child and mom at the back of a tricycle :)
 A Japanese restaurant, which I will write about later :)
 The wet cold morning which was the norm for most of my 2 weeks there

 The road where the hotel is located

 Still pretty common to see bicycles but is slowly overtaken by cars
 There are lots of back alleys around this area
 Chinese lantern hanging from the tree
 I believe the homes here used to be for rich people but now has mostly been sold for commercial use
 I went to the heart of the city which is the Guangzhou East Train Station area. Its a huge place, with shops and bus stations all in one place
 Huge building. This is where I took a train to Hong Kong

 And yes, the Swedish furniture giant is here as well. I stepped in almost got lost trying to find a shortcut out
 The roads in China are just large and wide
 Inside the train station. Because the train goes straight to Hong Kong, the immigration is actually done at the station itself so its pretty convenient
 On the day I was to leave, the sun finally shine out and came out from hiding

 Clear skies but too bad its the day I'm going home
 Steps up and up
 There is typically people walking everywhere
 The Holiday Inn City Centre where I stayed
 Looks like a Buddhist temple
More alleys

 Packed street
 I walked to a park nearby which is suppose to be some kind of memorial as well. Its a huge park

 Large trees line the walkways
 You get people of all ages here but the majority is of course the older generation

 Inside this gazebo, there is actually a group of people forming a choir. There is all sort of activities here
 Even writing is available. Now modern already, no longer use a brush but a sponge. Haha
This park is really well designed and beautiful

And this is the memorial

Close up it looks like the Statue of Liberty

The many different sections of the park
By the lake. These are some of my favorite photos!

Reflections and more

The grand entrance!
A bamboo forest
Thats about it. Walking back to the hotel to board my flight home... Hope you all enjoyed the photos

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