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Monday, December 31, 2012

Steamed Big Head River Fish, Guangzhou Food Series 2012

As the title of this post suggests, this is about steamed fish head. And I have to say, in Guangzhou, someplace, they really serve some really huge steamed fish heads. This is supposedly called Big Head Fish in Guangzhou and its a fresh water fish. The fish comes split in the middle to allow it to steam properly and its laden with lots of chilli, garlic, vinegar, oil an preserved black beans. 
This is really a dish for for fish lovers as there is some fishy taste to the fish since it is a river fish and just look at the sauce which is more like chili oil on its own. The way its eaten is with some noodles where you dip the noodles in the oil and then grab some fish pieces at the same time. Since I love fish, I enjoyed this alot. The fish head is big and has lots of meat especially the juicy cheeks, eye socket and lips of course. The amount of collagen you get and the smoothness is so nice. Do give this a try, just ask for steam fish head and most likely this is how they will steam it for you!


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