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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homedec @ SPICE Penang 4-6 October 2013

Went to Homedec last weekend and its always an interesting place to visit. Not having any particular agenda, I just went around while trying to see if there are anything that stands out and my goal would be to add these to my blog.
So this time round, as I was pretty much free on that weekend, I went there on 2 occasions, and ended up buying an aircon cleaning kit. Was about to buy some LED lights but then figured I will do those next year. Anyway, do have a look at some of the displays which I found more interesting. Also only included those that actually allowed me to take photographs. I still can't understand some exhibitors who still do not allow photos. I mean come on, people already see what you have, yet thinking you can keep it a secret? Well, too bad then, I won't even mention about you then :p

Dreamponds had a very strategic location being right at the entrance! I found their instant pond pretty neat and the best part is that there is no filters where they use the undergravel to do all the cleaning work. Downside is the initial cost and also the yearly maintenance. Interesting as the package will sell you whatever they have on display, including the fish and potted plants. Great for those looking to try a pond out
Their demo featured a pair of terrapins, which is suppose to show how clean the water is, as it will usually stink discolor the water very quickly with these guys

There were rows and rows of beds and mattresses! So for those looking to upgrade your sleeping, its a good place to try them all out
This one I like which is the bean bags from The Natural Design. Lots of colors and its comfortable where you can sit on it and you can even have back support from the way its shape! Nice one

There were also lots of floor boards providers. 1 tip for those would be buyers, always ask what is the total cost. The sellers always do not display the cost for skirting, etc, and only for the wood planks. Really can kena cheated one, and also please ask if measurement at location have cost or not ya :)
Seems like the rage now for fake grass. Savana Grass is from a bunch of dudes in Kedah that actually mails to you their grass after you give them the measurement. They have a few variants and some are thicker or more natural while others are brighter. So best to visit them and step on the grass for a better feel

For those that have a landed property, something I think is worth considering is putting a layer of insulator so your house roofing doesn't heat up like an oven!
And this is what I bought. The aircon DIY cleaning kit. Anyone wants their aircon cleaned by me? Charge you all cheap cheap
Actually used their product before but they have made it better now! I will feedback how they can improve more. Maybe will do a write up on it
Super blenders were not many this time. More display on the slow juicers instead
Another interesting find was this one from Artistic Home Design. You can custom make your home number signboard or letter box. Too bad I don't have a nice enough house for this

This tile display was one of the most creative I saw. No need real wood now when you have tiles that look like wood. Best part is that they have broken tiles which they later put together again!

This one I love alot
A birds eye view of the central indoor area! Mostly the bigger booths are here
I was impressed by this gas burner that has a honeycomb ceramic head unit. See how uniform the flame is! Costly though
Once stabilize, you get a purple flame! If only I can afford this one
The same company thought me something else. I didn't know that you can't use an induction cooker to fry food as they mentioned a typical induction cooker circuitry cannot reach the high enough temperature before shutting off. Since I didn't own an induction cooker, I can't comment on this. Anyone knows if this is true?
Probably one of my favorite and most exciting stall was the Excalibur dehydrator! I never knew that they have been participating for a few times already but i guess they were in a less strategic booth. They are distributed by Kitchentech. Pretty amazing unit from the USA! Again, if I have excess $$, surely this will be on my shopping list.
You can dehydrate your fruits, vegetables, etc and these will last quite a long time. Its also tasty as snacks. Best of all, if really compresses the taste!
Their samples. Heard it runs out very fast. Favorite was the mushrooms and also the bell peppers!
Anyone seen a queen termite before?
And the final one is the Astisan Tiles on display! Really unique and impressive and they even sell per piece!
So many to choose from

Even have modern ones too
Overall was an interesting experience this round. Highlights were probably that LED lights are now really coming down in pricing. Its becoming very affordable and worth the value. Just not sure how reliable some of the brands are though.


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