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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review of New York Burger @ Irrawaddi Road, Penang

For those in the know, behind the busy road of Burma Road and all, there is an enclave of shops that is slowly becoming a haven for some good food. Today got the opportunity to try out New York Burger which is located along Jalan Irrawaddi and just a couple of shops away from Harvest Inn. Its not a very big place currently but I guess you don't need all nice big tables since the items which they serve is as their name suggest is mainly on Burgers as well as some Pizza and Pasta!
I kinda enjoyed the design and setup of the place. It reminds me of those diners which you see so often in Hollywood movies! Even the tables and lamp design, are so American. But anyway, this place is famous for the charcoal burgers, and surprise surprise, there was even a charcoal pizza! Yeap, I was skeptical but actually it was very well made and tasty. Thus, check out the pictures below and maybe give it a try.

Its Burger Time!
The shop has 2 stories but currently only the lower floor is used!

Love the lights
And the bright red stools!

Burger parade! Your choice of chicken or beef!
Or some might even prefer both!
Each burger have the option to come with fries on the side! This is a vegetarian version!
They are still experimenting but these BBQ skewers should be showing up on the menu very soon.
The beef burger also comes with some meat sauce! This really sets it apart as it helps give the burger the extra moisture and notice also the melted cheese!
Slice it open and this is how it looks like
They now also have Lasagne. It was good buy I always need a much larger portion!
Their seafood white sauce pasta was also equally satisfying and the sauce worked very well.
This was the charcoal pizza I mentioned. The dough is added with charcoal and thats why its black. What surprised me was that it was not hard but soft instead making the dough suitable for pizza too

Sticky strands of cheese!
They also have this which is the calzone which is more or less like taking a pizza and then folding it making it like a huge curry puff! Heheh, but of course the filling is not curry chicken ya. The filling here was a seafood mix and its really pretty unique and flavorful. The crust was very thin and the filling was literally oozing out

The below is one of their trademark which is the garlic bread! Had the same item when reviewing New York Pizza at Sungai Dua and it was one of the yummy items on their menu and great they have it here too! Do check out this place for a try

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