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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet-I Desserts House

MIA for such a long time I guess its time to come out of hibernation.

Well its not exactly that I have not been eating or photographing food, more like the opposite but just doing it differently.
First off, I would like to thank Jacgyc of FoodTok and Criz Lai for this invite to join them for this review at Sweet-I Desserts House located at Sg Dua, Penang. Actually this shop which specializes in Thong Sui is located at the row of houses right across the road from Tesco Extra. It's not exactly easy to spot as its blocked by some undergrowth and trees but keep an eye for the bright red banners.
This place is owned by Mr and Mrs Soon and they are really a very friendly couple. They have devoted their passion into this place and now they cater to the very whims of Chinese Thong Sui lovers in Penang. One thing that one will notice immediately about their dessert is that it doesn't look watery or bland. They have a very wide variety offered daily and I must say, when I first saw the many different pots of desserts on the table, I was in awe. These guys must be working overtime to be able to churn out so many different Thong Sui. I cooked, and I can tell you that making a good bowl/pot of this delicacy is no easy feat. It takes lots of love and effort and it clearly shows with the desserts here.
Thus without further ado, let the pictures do the talking.
I guess another thing is that I probably will start less rating on my foodie blog, and just put a recommendation and let the readers decide. All in all, this place is a must try for Thong Sui lovers. Of yeah, the price starts from RM2 till about RM4.50 for the ones that uses more expensive ingredients/effort to produce. Well worth the try!

The exterior of the house/shop
The many pots of Thong Sui
The small living room with the pots on the right and tables on left
The man, Mr Soon
Green bean, sweet potato & sago Thong Sui ~RM2.70
Pumpkin, sago, glutinous rice with coconut milk ~ RM3.00
Tapioca jelly Bobo Cha Cha ~RM2.70
Black sesame soup ~RM4.00
Ginger, dates and coralline algae ~RM3.50
Sha shen, red dates, medlar, white fungus and winter melon soup ~RM4.50
Black glutinous rice ~RM2.00
Tapioca jelly Bobo Cha Cha ~RM2.70, another view
Combination of many Thong Sui... yummy
OK this 2 herbal tea I do not know its name but its for cooling and another helps with imsomnia ~ RM2.00 & RM3.50
There were many bloggers that day...
Barley, white fungus and dried bean curd skin (fu zhuk) ~RM2.50 Add RM1.00 for gingko nuts
Lotus seed, gingko nuts and red bean soup ~RM3.30
Kelp with red bean paste soup ~RM3.00. Kelp is a type of thick seaweed
The herbal tea in nice miniature glasses
Groundnut cream soup ~RM3.00
Tapioca jelly Bobo Cha Cha with shaved ice ~RM2.70 (Love this as its cold)
Special porridge of the Day ~RM4.50 (the ingredients used in the porridge varies daily)


  1. Nice meeting you! What I enjoyed the most is the sips of herbal tea. :p

  2. Thanks! Nice to meet you too. Yeah, herbal tea was good

  3. Yay, sweet-i tong sui house serves the best old school dessert in Penang.
    The boss is so friendly.
    However, they need to upgrade their interior as it is a little bit warm inside.
    Keep it on with your blog and why i see there is a huge gap in time between your second latest and third reviews? =]

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. What is the opening time? Went there on Saturday and it was not open.