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Friday, April 22, 2011

Butterworth Curry Noodles House - The "Keh Liao" Curry place

Well, I used to hear about this curry noodle stall in Raja Uda alot, where it only opens at night and is located by the road side. Many years ago, I have passed by this stall but never got the chance to try it as its not very convenient to park.
So recently, I was asked to try out this Curry Noodles and thus, on a Saturday night with my buddy, we decided to head to Jalan Raja Uda. At first we were abit disappointed as we can't see the stall anymore and I was worried that it has closed down till I saw a shop with the words Curry Noodles House located about 100m away. Thus, try my luck and went to ask the person at the counter and they confirmed that they are the same stall. Yippee! Found it at last.
As thus, here we have the curry noodles that is so famous, the shop is packed to the brim, people sit at all tables inside and out. Best part, it was already 10pm and its still fully pack! Wow.
We ordered the standard bowl of noodles and it was a not too bad curry noodle. It comes with the standard to fu pok, cockles, coagulated pigs blood, some bits of long beans and bean sprouts. The first thing I did was to try the soup. It was not too bad, it has curry taste but I feel that its lacking some oomph. Now that I think about it, wonder is it that they didn't give any sambal? Hmm? But what I think will make this curry noodle a killer and what attracts the crowd are when you have those add ons, which when mixed with the curry noodle, will further enhance the tastes.
Among the most popular of their add ons has to be the Lala. Practically every table has a plate of it and when I saw it, it really does look very good. The Lala were of big size and not like those tiny morsels normally seen. The sauce looks spicy and appetizing too. Then they also have other add ons like fried chicken, curry pork, sambal sotong and even fried balitong.
Well, its surely worth a try to visit this place while in Butterworth Raja Uda area.
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Opens from 6.30pm till 1.30am daily except Sundays
Tel : +6012-5505050

Look at all the options which you can choose from to add on
Fried Balitong
Fried fish, this one very nice because can eat the bones too
Fried tofu
Their super sambal sotong (squid)
The very popular fried Lala
The standard bowl or Curry Noodle
It's pack even at 10pm
The shop front

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