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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Village BBQ & Steamboat @ Penang

Well, I'm really happy as this is my 2nd invited food review with the bunch of friendly Penang bloggers. Again thanks to you all.
Well for those who have been in Penang for the past couple of years and like Thai food I'm sure they would have heard of Prontip before. Well, sadly this place is now no more in operation and in its place, Village BBQ & Steamboat is now operating. The best part is that the food here definitely has its plus points and which is why I'm blogging about it.
So what is so special about Village BBQ & Steamboat? Another steamboat place? BBQ? To set it straight, most place offer just either one but over here, you get the best of both. For those who love to cook their own food, you have the typical steamboat with a hot plate at the side. But for those who like to be pampered, this place has great tasting BBQ served ala-carte. Yes, fresh BBQ to your liking. There are quite a number of items served here on their BBQ menu and some of them are rather special. Among them are the BBQ chicken and lamp chops which are really well marinated and flavorful, and then there are the BBQ seafood which includes Cincaru(leather jack with sambal and their specialty, crab, prawn and Tilapia fish with salt.
Yeap, this is a place to go if you are craving for this form of BBQ where the crabs or prawns and cooked by being covered in salt. For the Tilapia, the whole fish is covered in a thick layer of salt and then slowly BBQ until the fish is cooked. This process is much slower to cook (takes about 20-30 mins) but the bonus is that the seafood then becomes infused with the aroma from the salt. The fish is cooked with the scales intact so as to not damage the meat. I would say this is truly a must try dish. I was surprise to note that there was some herbs and spices which was stuffed in the stomach portion of the fish. I guess this was to remove any remnants of muddy taste which is usually found in Tilapia and I'm glad to note that the fish here does not have any muddy tastes at all. The crabs and prawns were equally good with the sweetness of the flesh accentuated well.
Besides this, there is also Portugese style cooking here. Well, I would say that this is how you cooked with spices in wrapped aluminium foil and then cooked on a hot plate. There is a good variety and selection here to choose from which includes fish, Lala, prawns and even curry lamb, but I for those who can't live without some greens, there is ladies finger and also the delectable Kang Kung which all Malaysian loves.
Isn't that a big variety already? But they also have a version of Curry Fish Head in which the curry is dryer and its served with fried buns. How yummy and I must say that the fried buns being so soft goes pretty well with the curry. Just wish there was more sauce to dip it in.
Then there is also their Sweet and Sour Mud Crabs which are really large in size and for those that like a touch of western, they have the Rendang Lamb Shank which comes with rice. Hehe, I have to say this is one high class rendang using a lamb shank.
To end up all this much food, how can I not share some of their lovely desserts? At first I was thinking would this be another ice kacang or its cousin cendol? Boy was I wrong. This is snow ice and its their trademark dessert here. They have 4 flavors which is Village, Strawberry, Lychee and Chocolate Snow Ice. I thought its was shaved iced and then flavored but this is actually a special factory flavored block of ice/yogurt concoction which when shaved, gives it a very fine creamy texture, as if we are eating some very rich icecream. Yeap, was truly satisfied with this dessert. And they also have this special dessert drink called lava Milo which is like ultimate Milo drink!
I almost forgot, they probably have one of the largest drinks collection for beer around town with some very special offers which I'm sure beer lovers would like alot. For me, there is one which really stood out which is the Savanna Dry. Its a type of apple cider beer and its sweet, dry and easy to drink. Highly recommended. Even my wife likes it so I'm sure most ladies would agree.
All in all, a great place to check out for a good meal and as always, leave a comment ya.
Village BBQ & Steamboat
(formerly Yesterday Club/Prontip Thai Restaurant)
2 Lebuharaya Peel, 10350 Penang.
Tel: 604-227 3076
GPS: 5.424559, 100.316566
Business Hours: 6.00pm – 11.00pm daily

The big crab sign board
The interior
The steamboat
The over 30 varieties of beer!
The raw ingredient spread for the BBQ
The delectable BBQ Tilapia with salt
Lamb curry
The variety of Portugese style dishes
Curry Fish Head with fried buns
Rendang Lamb Shank
Village Snow Ice
Lava Milo

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