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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru

Initially, my family and I wanted to have Mee Udang for our lunch but when we arrived at the place at Juru's old fishing village, the shop mentioned that they only start at 3pm, thus we drove further in towards the jetty area. And luckily, as we were already hungry, there was a local restaurant called Restoran Nelayan Kuala Juru which was opened. It was pretty empty when we entered and we were the only table having our lunch there but they do have quite a number of seats.
As I scanned the menu, we decided to have rice and ordered a couple of simple dishes which are not too spicy as my daughter can't take too spicy food. One item I did noticed that they had were ample baskets of very fresh cockles! Wish we ordered it but as my wife mentioned, try not to eat too much seafood ya!
Do read on, or just enjoy the pictures.

Nice and fresh looking cockles which are harvested from the waters near here. They have a machine right next door which is used to sort cockles
Their large signboard. They are about the last building at the end of the road so its pretty hard to miss

Lots of place to seat. I think that the place could be pack for dinner time, as why else would they need so many tables

Interesting wood carvings and trees

This is bistik ayam, or chicken with fried egg and vegetables. You get chunky pieces of chicken that is then fried into an omelette and ladled with a slightly spicy and tangy sauce. Not bad for the taste and price

This is Ayam Paprik, or chicken with dried chili. We did not see much dried chili but there is alot of Thai chili that was used instead. Full of spiciness, this is for those that like a burn in their mouth.
Something that my daughter enjoyed was their stir fried mushroom dish which uses oyster mushrooms which was lightly fried and then stir fried with a light sauce. It was nicely done and even though it looks simple, it was tasty indeed.

Overall, its not the best place that I have eaten but it is definitely not the worse. The food here is decent and doesn't taste bad at all and its not exactly pricey. If you happen to be at Kuala Juru and looking to try some Malay food, why not drop by. Cheers

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