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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Tsui Wah Restaurant

After a tiring day, we decided to have dinner after witnessing the light show. Got recommended to try out this place called Tsui Wah Restaurant. It's a place that has lots of branches everywhere and they are slightly more expensive than the norm. The choices are not that much and kind of limited and expect about HKD100 per person including your drinks.

The green sign of the place
Glass door entrance
One of their signature is the toasted bun with condensed milk. At first we thought it will be a pork bun. LOL

Had a coffee with ice cream as I was really thirsty and hot
Tea or Lai Char.
Hong Kong Sui Kow with  wan tan noodle. Their noodles are still way better than many of those found in Penang. The soup its served in is very good too.
This is what I call a Sui Kow. The size and texture. Just like how its made at home.

This is Garoupa fried with bitter gourd. This is really a nice dish though abit pricey. I think its like HKD65. I guess we should not have ordered so many dishes, forgetting that the portions here are much bigger than in Malaysia. But you do get lots of chunks of fish

The last dish is garoupa with king prawns in a egg batter. Its abit like wat tan hor with fish and prawns. Again, pricey and not as taste tantalizing as the bitter gourd one. Very suitable for kids but again, portion is enough to share.

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