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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ CHE's Cantonese Restaurant

So this is the 2nd day I was in Hong Kong and what a bright sunny morning it is. Finally get to see better where we were staying and the scene out the window was just WOW! I'm 45 storeys high up and surrounded by blocks of building! Just kind of amazes me that these kind of construction is able to take place so closely to each other. Then its off to breakfast or brunch with Dim Sum on the menu today! Read on.

Liberte Apartments in Lai Chi Kok!

On the MTR on the way to Wan Chai. Its considered not very pack already
And here we are at CHE's Cantonese Restaurant. Its really a nice place on the upper floors of the building its in. It is not very big and the tables are kind of close to each other too. But the main thing is we came for good food!
Mommy and daughter waiting for food to be served
Me and my buddy! Thanks for bringing us to this wonderful restaurant. Did I mention that we reach this place about 11am and surprisingly, its pretty empty. Seems Hong Kong people go for late Dim Sum especially on weekends. But I guess thats good because it means that we get to choose where to sit and service is wee bit better.
Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun. The texture was good, not too soft and abit springy to the bite. The prawns were large and fresh and notice that they don't serve it with a puddle of soy sauce.
Har Kau, or prawn dumplings. Its just nice that they serve 4 pieces, thus no need to fight. The skin is transparent and the prawns again very large. I like it because of the thin skin.
Siew Mai, or pork dumplings here I find pretty normal. Nothing special here and I do feel that the ones locally in Malaysia might be better. Hahah
This is the 8 Treasure Rice, Pat Poh Hor Yip Fan. Its glutinous rice wrap with lotus leaf and steamed. Its called 8 Treasures because of the many ingredients. See the next picture!
Here it is, unwrapped and the aroma just fills the air! The rice is cooked just right and not overly sticky or gooey!
Look at that, there is even a mini abalone in it! I found one of the treasures already. This is one rice that should be tried. I notice almost every table orders this
This is the Yam Balls, or Wu Kok. Its meat paste wrapped with yam and then deep fried. I commend the chef for being able to fry it with a fluffy crispy outer layer!
Radish Cake, Lor Bak Kou that is available here is probably one of the best that I have ever eaten. Typically those found in Malaysia, the radish has been mashed or blended (or hardly exist). The ones here though, you get nice chunky pieces, and thus get to savor the full flavor of the radish cake. It also has some bits of wax meat in it to further enhance the experience. Definitely worth to try this one.
And this is what we came to CHE's Restaurant for. Their famed baked meat Pau or bun. This is a soft pastry that is baked and filled with succulent BBQ pork. I must say that this is truly a piece of innovative dim sum making. I guess in the competitive dim sum scene in Hong Kong, innovation and creativity is a must. This one definitely ranks highly as the pastry was soft with a thin crunchy crust. Moreover, the filling went very well together. This is a must try here!
Just look at how the pastry opens up!
We also tried egg tarts but these were a disappointment. They were bite sized but the taste was bland and not too special. Thus, this is one I would skip.
Another bun which is ever so popular in Hong Kong is Lau Sar Pau, or Pau with a flowing creamy filling. The filling is made from egg yolk mix with some cream paste. This is very good and the amazing thing is that the filling, would ooze out once you bite into the bun. Also, the filling doesn't make the bun wet or soggy which is excellent!
Just look at the filling oozing out!

As we are about to finish our meal, close to 12 noon, the crowd started to fill the place with almost all tables taken. Thus, come early or make a booking if you are interested in trying out CHE's Cantonese Restaurant! Truly a place for some great Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Their address below :
Address: 4th fl., The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Phone: 2528-1123

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