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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tea Secret - Queensbay Mall Opening

On 11.11.2011, Tea Secrets had their Grand Opening in Queensbay Mall. It was a happening affair as many were invited to participate in this special occasion. The public were treated to an opening special in which the drinks were sold at only RM1 each. This caused quite a long queue as many were eager to give it a try.
I would like to congratulate them on their opening and of course we got to sample a drink from them for the opening. But their menu is so varied, that definitely many more visits will be needed to go through their menu. I had on that day, their Japanese Brown Rice Green Tea with some pearls added. The brown rice were brewed with their tea brewing machine and then added to make the tea. It had a earthly tone to the taste and was very happy with it. 
So keep reading as I took more of their photos! Comments welcomed!

Ding Ding!
The eager crowd queueing up 

Everyone busy working to serve the long queue!
Yes the queue is really that long

Their large signage with some pictures of how the drinks look like
Happy customers!
The menu! So many to choose from, only so little stomach capacity!
On of the owners of Tea Secrets manning the orders!
I wonder who is that? Making their orders!
Some varieties of tarts for the guests during the opening.
Even the straw have a special packaging to it!
Now, the nice thing here is they have followed the modern trend of sealing the cups of tea they make. This is way hygenic and will not spill! Great for take aways.
Their tea brewing machine
The jars of Roselle and Black Tea mix
These were what some other bloggers ordered. Mango and Passion Fruit flavored drink. Added with Aloe Vera too
OK, my brown rice being brewed
See, just like an espresso machine!
More drinks ready

The many jars for brewed tea
This is my drink! The generous helping of pearls. At 700cc, its actually alot and hard to finish. I was very full after this. Maybe the pearls were a factor too.
This is the group of us! Yay!

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