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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thai Bayok Restaurant

I recently had the opportunity to be invited for a food review at Thai Bayok Restaurant which is located at the Heritage Club of Penang. This Thai restaurant has opened for awhile but I guess its not that well known since its not easily seen from outside the compound. So its really great that we get to sample some of their signature dishes here. Do continue reading to know more about this place ya!

Tel : 04-2278308
Address : Restaurant Thai Baiyok , (inside Heritage Club, opposite Penang Sports Club)
2 Jalan Scotland, Penang.
GPS : N5.419202, E100.304216

Sign board for Heritage Club
Entrance to Thai Bayok Restaurant

I could not believe my eyes! There was even a welcome banner greeting us. Shock and abit embarrassed!
Their own little signage!
The interior. This is one side of their dining area. Pretty decent size and layout. Fully air conditioned
Tables of different sizes. They can easily accommodate a good crowd
Interesting decor! Wonder if its hand woven?
They also have a more private dining area which can fit about 4 large tables. Great for private functions
Another interesting decoration. Not sure what it is though as I can't read Thai :p
And a few more ...

Time for the food! The first appetizer, Miang Pla Kraphong (RM18). This is a traditional appetizer with a twist. Its similar to the ingredients used in Meang Kam but they have added deepfried seabass cubes. The ingredients are also all mixed together already. This is then eaten with wild betel leaves as a wrapper, just like Meang Kam. I feel that its a good mix, and might be abit mild to those adventure seekers as they were very sparing with the chillies. But I guess you can always add as much as you like !
With the wild betel leaves
This is how its wrapped!
In my hands before it goes into my mouth! Yes, one whole bite at once, and when you bite into it, the flavors just all burst out. Yummy. I had at least 3 wraps.
Their drinks selection. Just look at all the colors of the various fruit juices. Probably the more unique one is their lemon grass drink. Its made from boiling lemon grass thus it has lots of flavor.

Sorry so many photos, but its just so colorful
This is a finger food called Goong Khai Daeng (RM18). This is basically fresh prawns wrapped in between pieces of bread with some salted egg yolk and the deep fried. It comes with a plum sauce dipping. Overall it serves as a nice and simple finger food though my only small feedback is if the last segment of the prawn shell could be removed as well would be great!

There was a BBQ Chicken dish called Kai Yang (RM18) for 2 whole chicken legs. Yeah the name sounds like Kai Lan .... Since its a BBQ dish, it can't really go wrong. The chickens were well marinated and had a taste of honey. The dipping was a mixture of chilli flakes and coriander with some chopped onions. The sauce was definitely different than the usual chilli sauce, so its a change :)

Pla Rad Makhaam (RM45). This is a deep fried red snapper and it is bathed in a sauce that is similar to those in paprik or kong po for chinese but its actually tamarind sauce. The fish was thoroughly fried to ensure its crispiness. Even the fins were edible. Thus the tangy sauce with the fish works well and was yummy indeed.
Pla Meuk Neung Manao (RM25). This is a steamed squid dish with lots of lime and chilli. It is one of the more spicy dish that would give one the kick needed for a Thai meal. The squids were large and succulent and was steamed perfectly as its not tough like rubber. Highly recommended.

Yum Yok Maphrau (RM15). This is probably the most unique dish which I have ever had. It is coconut shoot salad and I believe that this is one item not many places would have. At first bite, it tasted abit weird as I was not used to the texture and bland taste of the coconut shoot. But as one continues taking bites, it started to get really enjoyable and soon, I was munching on it every so often. Its mix with a simple lime and chilli giving it a salsa feel.

Hor Mok Talay (RM32). At first, one would think why is there a shiny bird on the table. This is actually one of the better Otak Otak's that can be found. The otak otak comes with generous fillings of seafood that is still in chunky form. There is also lots of basil leaves in it though I would have preferred if the basil had been chopped and then evenly mixed to give it a better more even flavor. But this is a very nice dish.

Goong Choo Chii (RM5 each prawn). This is basically a deep fried prawn dish with Choo Chii sauce. These are fresh large prawns that are really nice as the meat was springy and texture well rounded. The Choo Chii sauce though was abit bland and would have been great if the seasoning was better.

Tom Yam Talay (RM35). As its name implies, this is seafood tom yam. What makes this one different is the use of milk in the soup. The milk helps to neutralize the spiciness of the soup and it makes it very nice to slurp up the tom yam. There were also very generous with the amount of seafood included. Nice and should be tried.

Broccoli Phat Kapit (RM12). This is a simple dish of fried broccoli with fresh belacan. The dish on its own is abit overpowering and would go best with rice.
And finally we come to the dessert. Thap Thim Krop (RM4.50 each bowl). This is a combination of sliced jackfruit, fresh coconut and water chestnut jelly in a sweet coconut milk. Its best served with ice to cool it down and this is surely a refreshing dessert to finish off a hearty meal. A must have for any Thai meal.


  1. water chestnut jelly must have at the end... Make sure is icy cold.. Slurppy

  2. Hey Nikel! You are absolutely right. This is a must have dessert!

  3. hello, thai baiyok now move to lorong selamat ,opening at 27th feb

  4. Not delicious at all

  5. I ordered a vegetarian tom yum soup and was charged the price of a tom yum prawn. Not happy about it at all! Also, the vegetarian pad Thai was on the salty side. Not in a rush to go back for sure.