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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Light Show

This post is about the infamous Hong Kong Light Show at Tsim Sha Tsui which is on every night of the year. We went to witness this after we went to The Peak. The place to gather is where the Avenue of Stars is located. The time, 8.00pm sharp daily. So from The Peak, we took the bus again to Central Pier and then took the ferry into Tsim Sha Tsui. The ferry was fun and a quick journey across the waters and I was glad to still see many people using it. 

A last view of The Peak before taking the tram back down. There is even a shopping center at the top and lots of place to eat. So don't ever worry of starving here.
This time Meng Wui got a seat!
The Hong Kong Central night view as we move along the bus

A look at the ferry pilot room. Still have the wheel
Saw this interesting boat in the waters. Seems to be a boat which takes on tourist for them to wine and dine and enjoy the light show. Not sure how much but sure doesn't look cheap
Thats the view of Central behind us
Just amazing. Not sure how many movies about Hong Kong has this shot

And at 8.00pm sharp, unless there is a storm or something, the show will begin. To be frank, the show is just OK only. You would not regret missing it if you don't have time to catch it. But since I did, I'll boast about it. HAHAHHA


  1. I find that the city view is extremely gorgeous!! I liked the light show so much that I'd take the opportunity to be at TST ~8pm every night, either on the ferry or at the Avenue of Stars, admiring the HK city's skyline... something that I thought it should also happen in Penang (from butterworth, maybe?)

    So much similarities I see, as Penang has a Hill too! (just like The peak)...

  2. Hahha, actually our ferries are from Hong Kong too, so yeah definitely similarities, just that we are way behind in many aspects. Maybe we are like Hong Kong 40 years ago? HEHE