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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Madamme Tussauds

Visiting The Peak in Hong Kong, I guess as a tourist, Madamme Tussauds wax museum is an obvious choice for a place to go. Surprisingly, they have quite a number of Asian stars here but I was really disappointed that Jacky Chan wax statue is the only one that is not allowed to be photograph. I'm not sure this is Jacky Chan's fault or Madamme Tussauds trying to milk money out of tourist already spending on tickets, but this is just ridiculous. If it's Jacky's choice, then I'm not sure you can be called "Tai Kor" as this is not something I hope to role model. If you read this ever, I hope you will do something about it.
Anyway, all in all, I guess its a worthwhile place to spend the afternoon. My daughter was really enjoying herself too.
Our own Malaysian superstar! Dato Michelle Yeoh

Louis Koo. One of my wife favorite

This is showing how they choose the fake eyes. Kind of funny but I guess it works
Heheh, Now you know he is not that tall. Hope he don't come and hit me
My little princess and mommy with royals
Sitting at the Oval office? See even Obama need to stand back
Hmmm... its kinda dirty
McDull and his mom. My daughter can't get enough of them
Yes, I practice everyday with the wooden man. In my dreams
My natural born star!

Can't even reach the waist? That guy is crazily tall
And thats staring at you
Hehehe, I'm as big too
GAGA all over

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