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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Around Central!

Well, I guess this post is about some street photos of bustling Hong Kong life. These were mainly taken in Central Hong Kong and there are even the trams still operating here. Its called Ding Ding, as when the tram arrives and leaves, it will ring the bell with the sound of Ding Ding!
So keep browsing to see whats in store as I walkabout this area of Hong Kong!

Pedestrians crossing the many busy road
In between the skyscrapers, there are many many old buildings like these.

Hehe, I was told this was one of the hotels which was where they quarantined the SARS outbreak! Looks like its fine now.
Thats the first Ding Ding I spotted! So colorful this one.
This is where we waited for the Ding Ding. Its really a cheap mode of transport at only 2.40 per trip!
More trams. Each is smartly used as advertisement boards
Thats Apple. The tram stopped awhile and the passenger just stuck his head out to check whats up!
Amazingly, the Ding Ding are still made from wood! Yes, wood. Its so well maintained as it moves daily and carries a large number of people
More old buildings
A busy street as we neared the Dry Seafood Street

This street is filled with shops selling Ginseng and Birds Nest!
This is one of the things that interests me. The building scaffoldings in Hong Kong, even for really tall buildings are all still using bamboo. Not sure why they don't use steel ones, maybe because bamboo can flex more in strong winds? Anyone who knows do leave a comment ya.
Thats some interesting stuff there. Lingzhi? The flying gecko on the right
Really old buildings
And the rows and rows of shops in the Dried Seafood Street, aka Des Vouex Rd!
This block of apartments looks like its going to fall anytime! Probably just waiting for rebuilding
Certified I was there
Hehe, who can guess what these are? Apparently the shops are drying duck kidneys, and the railings along the street are a convenient place!
Close up
These are mini bus. There are 2 colors, either red or green. Check before boarding ya
Like a scene out of a movie huh
Ding Ding next to a double decker bus
And lastly, a row of double deckers!

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