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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lighthouse Coffee

There is a coffee place which is where coffee lovers hang out in Penang. This place is called Lighthouse Coffee and its located in Logan's Heritage building along Bishop Street. Its where all the banks are as most people would normally say. What makes this place so special is that they are real coffee lovers who started this place. I haven't introduced myself before to them but have just visited and have some coffee before but you can find them on Facebook. They are always in competitions or judging for competitions so I'm very sure the owners know their ins and out about coffee. But most importantly, the coffee here is really good and even their limited food is also nice. Only quirks is their operating time but I guess I myself am to blame for being a night owl. Good thing is that they open on weekends and prepare for the place to be packed!

This is how they look from the outside. Its not a very big entrance but you should not have issues locating it.
Chalk board with their sign on it :)

The interior. Nicely and tastefully decorated with coffee pictures and also various gunny sacks with different coffee labels. This is something my wife would love to get her hands on!
Their bar/fridge/display of what they have for cakes and some other drinks
Closeup of the drinks. Just love glass bottles!
A big signboard behind the counter which shows you the menu!
Some wooden lighthouse as decorations
Coffee bags for decoration. I doubt real coffee sacks are so small in size
And they have a wall for Post it Notes! Feel free to leave a message or word here!

A crowded afternoon!
Various coffee beans on display. I'm sure not many places show you their beans like this!
This was their carrot cake. The portion is pretty big and for the price, its well worth it! Full of luscious ingredients and it was very nice tasting. Its easily enough for 2 to share if you are not too hungry and looking for some snack to go with your coffee.
Just look at all the ingredients. Its practically more fresh ingredients than flour I think.
And also a blended ice coffee with a syrup which I can't remember which I chose. But all I can say is that if you like coffee, you will find that this is really very much better than many other coffee places. Really with all the combinations here, you can slowly try and still won't get bored till you find your favorite. Do try it.

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