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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Wong Tai Sin Temple

Of all the temples in Hong Kong, I would guess that Wong Tai Sin is probably the most famous of all. Well, we took the opportunity to go to "Kau Chim" and this was a must do item on our trip to Hong Kong. There were of course many people and thankfully the weather was superb thus it was a nice sunny day to go to make a wish. Won't tell you all what I wish for, but according to the person who helps in translating the meaning, this is not my year and need to wait patiently for next year. So for those keen to have a glimpse into your hopes, wishes or future, make sure to note down Wong Tai Sin Temple while in Hong Kong!
The majestic arches 

 Suen Ng Hung, or the Monkey God. My daughters favorite!
 Ans this is it.
 The many lanterns hanging all over the place
 Making my wish. You get the bamboo canister and then keep shaking it till the stick with the number pops up. Keep thinking of your wish and the numbered stick will pop out sooner or later.

 Some of the many interesting structures there
 This is the match making god. They even teach you how to tie the knot :p
 This aunty master helped us translate our numbers! Cost HKD30 each. If you get a bad one, she will help you burn it!

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