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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Ocean Park

As with any visit to Hong Kong, I guess the 2 biggest amusement parks are Ocean Park and also Disneyland. Ocean Park is located on the south of Hong Kong island and you will need to take a bus to get there. But there are plenty of buses so this is not a concern. As we were there during October, they were deck out for Halloween thus I guess its something out of the norm. It was really amazing to see droves of people coming in after dark to get frightened silly! I would say this place is great for those seeking family fun, but the huge influx of Chinese tourist really spoilt the mood. They are rude, pushy and have no respect for others. Try to avoid tourist places that have lots of them.

All deck out on the escalator leading to Ocean Park entrance

Outdoor performances. This place is pretty big. Can easily spend the whole day if you want to visit every attraction and rides

Initially I thought this was a stationary balloon but only found out when we were about to leave that you can actually take a ride on it. Missed this one.

They had a few live pandas which are on permanent display here. They are one lazy bunch only coming out to eat and shit. lol

One of the rides! No I didn't went on any
There is 2 sections which is accessible via cable car or a train. We took the train and skipped the cable car as the queue was more than 2 hours long. Crazy really!
You can play mahjong till you die! Hahaha, this is part of the halloween deco!
Another attraction here is the jelly fish display. Quite interesting but they didn't really have that many on display. If you have seen similar jelly fish displays like those in Sentosa or Langkawi, this is about similar

The sun about to set. It was only about 5pm
This is another of their main attraction. The live show which has dolphins and seals. This is another must see here!
Didn't take that many photos as camera couldn't really reach.
Horror dancers! All the dancers were decked in ghostly outfit and makeup
This is one of the more spooky one. This was going around the crowd and my kid got a shocked when she suddenly turned
Before you leave, they do have a sound and light show at the fountain area which was pretty interesting too!


  1. I went there 2 years ago and it was still under contruction. Now that I see so many new things.

    The only thing I really like about Ocean Park is of course the huge aquarium that they have! Felt so amazed looking at the many species of sea creatures roaming right infront of my eyes!

  2. hi Meiyi
    Thanks for dropping by. You mean certain part of the park under construction last time? Its really big now. Yeah go see fish and sea creatures!

    1. Hello,
      HongKong is an ever- expanding organism which has a growing appetite for adventure and this is why HongKong Ocean Park is the premier destination for locals and tourists alike when they stop over on this island nation.

      John Smith