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Monday, December 5, 2011

Nostalgie of Steward Lane

Located on 34 Steward Lane is a new establishment serving some home made Italian food called Nostalgie. This is a family run business with brothers and sisters as well as their mom! So what makes Nostalgie such an interesting place is the fact that its set in a pre-war house which is very homely as they have put in alot of effort to refurbish the place as it was probably more than 50 years ago. So keep reading to find out more about the place ya!

The exterior of Nostalgie. With the Chinese and Nyonya influence nicely done
Its a double storey building with a high roof line.

The middle courtyard with a simple garden and water feature. Notice how the natural light fills the place evenly.

In the interior, there are many antiques.. Even the walls and partition can be antiques already.
The wooden staircase leading to the upper floor. In the future, they will have homestays here! Can't wait for it to be completed so stay tune.
The dining area. Currently has about 8 table each sitting about 4 comfortably
A view from the top of the middle courtyard
Their menu in a very chic design
To quench your thirst, they have the iced coffee. Interesting how the coffee floats at the top.
This is cranberry juice with some longan in it. Very refreshing indeed
So lets start with their delectable dishes. Here we have their pasta with home made Pesto Sauce with fettucine and also grilled chicken breast. Their very own secret recipe for the sauce which includes fresh basil and virgin olive oil! Definitely one of the better pastas in town.
Next we have their king prawn pizza with chilli. The prawns are really fresh and delivered daily and each slice will have a prawn. Its topped with lots of cheese as well as fresh basil. Another of their best seller and favorite.

Next we have a Jumbo prawn marinara! Again, large fresh prawns is the highlight as the flavor of the prawns really get infused into the sauce and then mixed into the spaghetti. Very delicious and not spicy thus suitable for the whole family.

Pesto sauce pizza. This pizza is made with the same secret pesto sauce used in their pasta dish and filled with goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, and of course virgin olive oil. Really great!

And finally for dessert, they have their signature carrot cake. With two layers of creme cheese, and lots of fresh ingredients, this is one captivating dessert. Importantly its not too sweet thus works well. Do ask for this after your hearty meal.
And finally, a group photo of the organizers or Penang Heritage Food Trail and also the owners of Nostalgie. Also thanks to sponsors, HTC, Squarelet, IN Penang and Visit Penang! It was truly a great opportunity to sample all these unique flavors in a heritage environment.

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  1. oh, i wandering how you find this place. You participate in the food trail event hor :)