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Monday, December 5, 2011

Joyous Cafe

Joyous Cafe is located at one of the oldest part of the city at the newly refurbished Logan Heritage Building along Union Street. Started by 4 sisters, Joyous Cafe goal is to deliver healthy and delicious tasty food to everyone. Here at Joyous Cafe, they specialize in not just food and drinks on their premise, but also preparing some more unique full moon package for parents and their family. The difference between what they have here is that the choices are more modern and they have over 10 different varieties to choose from as well as different price ranges. Thus, for those looking for a change and celebrating a joyous occasion, do check this place out.
The exterior, chic and simple.

 The polkadot themed decorations and interior

Even polkadot ribbons on the chairs
Majestic teapots? Hehe, cute they are
Some samples of the baby cards in name card sizes and designs
 An assortment of cakes and sandwiches
 Some of their most popular smoothies and blended drinks. I was really surprised with the spinach one and it tasted like Umbra. They even put in some sour plum in it. Besides this, I also find the one with the black sesame to be really good. Of course, they have so many choices, but my favorite is still the spinach one!
This is one of their signature snacks, Joyous Bun made from nice buns stuffed with their special cream!
 Smiley smiley smiley!
 They also have their homemade cheesecake. Its really affordable and taste very homely. The cheese is soft and fine and worth a try too!

I would like to thank Your Food Review, HTC, Squarelet, IN Penang and Visit Penang for this opportunity!


  1. Wah.. the door so small.. must be very hidden one.. Thanks for intro of this.. keke

  2. Hey Nikel, yes the door is small, and since the color also similar to that to Logan Heritage (white) its easy to miss, but its there!

  3. the owner of the cafe is bitch and whore. I heard stories of her seducing people’s husbands and cafe and she tell people about pitiful stories herself. beware as she can convincing you about her husband who abuse her. I also hears that she is people mistress and got money to open this cafe from his money. I advise all ladies to be careful of the owner of this cafe and better that you didn’t go there with your husband or lover.