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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lighthouse Coffee Revisited

Really lucky of me to have the chance to sample some of the best from Lighthouse Coffee recently. The previous time I was there, I only had the chance to sample 1 coffee and their carrot cake. This time since we were there as a group, we got to sample many many more! Located at Logan Heirtage Building, Lighthouse coffee is started due to the passion for coffee. They not only roast their own coffee, but provides coffee to businesses and also trains baristas. I can truly say, if you want to know more about coffee, Lighthouse Coffee is the place to go. Its the best of the west in the east ! Keep on reading to find out ya!
A very colorful potted plant hanging from the shades of Lighthouse Coffee
A very full Latte! The skill of the barista is what makes the nice decoration possible! Wanna train to be a barista, then Lighthouse Coffee provides this training too!

Latte with mocha! Add some nice chocolate to the coffee
This is one of their signature, Devil for her 2.0
As a touch, they even throw in a coffee bean
Orange Moon! What an interesting name. Its coffee with some cinnamon as well as a slice of orange on top
The whole spread
Coffee baked rice. Filled with lots of cheese and some coffee flavor!
What a surprise to know that we got the last piece of the tiramisu. The tiramisu here is special as its made with their own roasted coffee
Devil for him 2.0
A look at the interior. This place is almost always packed on the weekends
Some sample of roasted and fresh coffee beans
And finally a group pictures with the bloggers and Victor the owner!
A great thanks to the organizers of Penang Heritage Food Trail as well as Lighthouse Coffee. Also thanks to HTC, Squarelet, IN Penang and Visit Penang! Thanks for the great experience!

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