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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spice Market Cafe Dinner Buffet!

Was very lucky to have my company dinner at Rasa Sayang Spice Market Cafe! To make it even better, we had the buffet on a Friday evening and thus, it was seafood night. How much luckier could it be right?
So without ado, this is going to be a photofest of pictures about what this buffet has to offer! So read on to see what's in store. Also, for those planning to try out their buffet, I understand that they have some great promotions on offer such as buy 1 free 1 on certain days of the week! Do give them a call to find out and make reservations!

Christmas is already in the air here!

As you enter the Spice Market Cafe, its as if you are entering Santa's Grotto
Colorfully decorated Christmas tree
White white snowman! So fluffy he is!
Some of the table decorations! The lights reflection gives it a natural glow!
Here comes the rows of food in the food warmers!
 Grilled lamb chops and butter fish
 Pies pies pies! Its best to share as its pretty filling and big size
 Who can skip or miss baked oysters right?
 There is a Tandoori section. Interestingly enough, besides chicken, there is fish (pomfret) and also large prawns
Besides Tandoori, there is various satay to savor! The satay is not tough and very tender even for the lamb version
How can we have Tandoori without naan. There is also nasi briyani and an assortment of curries. My favourite papadam is also available!
 Octopus and also shell fish! This is served sashimi style. They do have lots of sashimi to choose from such as Unagi (grilled eel), salmon, tuna, white fish, mackerel, squid and even abalone slices! Lighting was not optimal thus I didn't take their picture!
Besides the various sashimi, actually they have quite a good selection, they have sushi as well. Now, of course, don't expect sushi master class sushi here. The sushi is pretty good, but as my standard comment for sushi, if the piece of sashimi on top does not even able to cover the rice, I will try to skip it. Reason is simple, I don't want to waste my precious stomach capacity for rice in a buffet.
 This is an assortment of pickled items such as jelly fish and miniature octopus. There is also kimchi here!
 On to the cold served seafood! These are their scampi! A type of shell fish that has a sweet flesh though a thick shell and big head! HAHHA

 Freshly chucked Pacific Oysters. The flesh was sweet and fresh. To me, they were slightly large thus my advise, go for those that look white, with a deep shell and no smell! That ensures they are as fresh as possible.
 Blanched prawns on ice! Can't go wrong with this one anytime
 There is also lots of slipper lobsters for the night. Though you get lots of flesh, it still lack the texture of the bigger lobster family.
 Salad bar, lots of green to choose from
 Lots of bottles of spices. No, these are for display only ya
 Another row of asian dishes such as fried rice, green mussels, lamb kurma and fried vegetables!
Something which I feel is not commonly found in buffets is deep fried soft shell crabs! I can tell you that they don't skimp on the crabs and you get wholesome soft shell crabs. I always like crabs that has some meat to them for this as those that are too small you just get a crunchiness but not much crab tastes. 
 Stir fried prawns
 This is their signature and special for the night. This is a whole baked salmon with spicy mayonaise and cheese. The salmon was smooth and coupled with the special layer, the taste was awesome. I had second helpings of this. For those that like fish, grab the belly area as it has more oil thus a smoother texture.
 Then next to the salmon, they have the seafood action station! Here you can find scallops, prawns and boston lobsters! Yes, yummy lobsters. All you can eat!
A cooked version of the boston lobster!

 Roasted Teriyaki Chicken is their other highlight. You can have as much of this well marinated chicken and I find that even the chicken breast was not tough. This is always a good sign of well roasting and juiciness of the chicken being retained.
 One of the chef in action!
 This fried bunch of mushroom serves only as garnishing, but to me, it looks delicious
 A big selection of cold platters. There is smoked duck, tuna, and over 10 other dishes here including an assortment of cheese.
 There is also lots of buns and breads around to choose from
 I took a picture of this grilled capsicum as its so colorful! How to miss it right
After all the heavy meal sections, its finally the desserts! I have to say, the variety available here is pretty impressive as they have fresh fruits, cakes, ice cream, crepes, and local favorite desserts such as corn thong sui and ice kacang!
One of the apple pie
Why are these on sticks? Reason is simple. There is a molten chocolate fountain to dip these sweet items in!
 The fresh crepe section. These are all the toppings which you can choose for your crepe. According to the chef preparing it, just choose 2 at a time.
 Getting ready
 Spreading the batter evenly to make the crepe thin and crispy
After the crepe is folded, to give it that extra oomph, a scoop or 2 of icecream is added. The icecream is skillfully coated with melted chocolate too! Yum Yum! I give the head chef here extra marks for meeting my request to have peanut butter as a filling which was not available at first! Thanks for the effort to make it happen!
This was a bowl of icecream that was not had by me but my colleagues.Just look at all the melted chocolate and toppings
 OK, so there you have it. Such a wide selection. And now I will show you the plates that I had for the night
Plate 1 :

 Plate 2 :
 Plate 3 :
  I also had a double boiled black chicken and ginseng soup, fruits as well as icecream!
To end it, a snap or two of my colleagues 

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