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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sarkies Corner at E&O Hotel

I'm sure many knows about the buffet at E&O Hotel in Penang. Sarkies Corner is famous for serving some very good buffet spread at very affordable pricing (well relative speaking). So its with luck that my company had an appreciation lunch for those who participated in the Young Entrepreneur Program in which we served as advisors to students in setting up their own company and making a business work. 
So on to the food :) At Sarkies Corner, this is the hotels in house dining area. When I went there in late November, Christmas decorations were up and I got to understand that they will move to the new wing of E&O soon with a better and bigger restaurant. Without ado, I leave you with some of the pictures from Sarkies Corner to end 2012.
Christmas decorations abound to put you in the mood!

This is not from Sarkies Corner but from the main lobby of E&O. They have a huge tree there! This is a very special spot "hint : try making noises and listen while you are under the tree!"
The dining area! They have both indoors and outdoors sitting area! So choose whichever that suits you.
You get your cutleries all nicely placed at the table! Thats the roasted duck counter at the back :p
This is one of the live kitchen which is also very popular. This is the grill and teppanyaki station! You can get beef and lamb chops, sausages, grilled salmon, slipper lobsters, mini lobsters, vegetables, and even grilled salmon head! Do not miss their special sauce which is placed in a large bowl at the counter top. 
Then there is also the fried noodle station. Honestly, the fried Koay Teow is not all that bad. What I normally asked for is for the minimum of noodles and share this at the table!
Chef in action!
Then the standard buffet spread! I just realize I didn't take pictures of the cold seafood section and also sashimi. Well, they don't exactly have much to choose for sashimi other than sliced salmon! But they have lots of salmon for sure!
Salad bar is pretty varied too!
I did take a few pictures of their desserts!

And finally what I had! I think a few plates of mine when the photos came out it was abit blur (the lighting was really bad) or I was hungry and hand shaking! LOL. Anyway, these are some of the stuff I had.
This look like a lobster! But the meat was very little as you can see from the photo, the head is so big. I was very happy when they served this but, 1 of the pieces I had, the meat was very soft and crumbly. When I told the chef, he says its like that as they fried the lobster first. I don't believe it and felt that he didn't take my complaints seriously. I was actually kind of disappointed with this response! Luckily I wasn't paying for this meal else I'm sure it would have been escalated further. I hope they will improve in the future.
I was really happy that they served unagi this lunch time. First time I seen this here.
Finally some fruits desserts. Again, surprised they even had kiwi and mangoes! Kudos for this varied spread of fruits.
Again, a satisfying meal here other than the soft fleshed piece of grilled lobster. Do note that its advisable to make a booking as this place can get really full sometimes.
Why I also says this is a famous place is because for the price, this is probably the best value for money and delectable buffet one can get in Penang. Check them out for latest promotions.

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