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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh

A relative of mine had a wedding dinner at Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant in Ipoh on Christmas eve, and as a food lover, how can I not or resist the temptation of bringing my camera along for some quick photos right?
Well with Ipoh, when it comes to wedding dinners, a very important aspect is that the food must be good and the portions big. And I do mean big. Just continue skimming through the pictures below and you will know what I mean. Hope you all enjoy it and this is one restaurant which I believe if you ever have a dinner there, you will not be disappointed.

The first course, "5 fook lam moon" or a 5 combination platter. Just look at the size of the plate, its as if we have 5 full course meals in 1! This is what and how any platter should look like! Beat this, restaurants in Penang and KL!

 But I was hungry waiting and with my cousins help, we still managed to finish everything on this starter, though I was pretty full because of this! HEHHE.
 2nd dish was superior soup with fish lips. Yes, no usage of sharks fin so its supposedly more eco friendly. Not sure how they got the fish lips though. If you zoom into the picture, the semi translucent piece hanging from the spoon is the coveted fish lips. It has a soft and jelly like texture, very smooth and I guess its good for ya some how.
 3rd dish is a 2 flavor pomphret. At first, I was thinking, what does it mean by two flavors? It just looked like a fried pomphret. So the surprise is when you flip the fish, its actually steamed instead! This is really creative and the first time I have this. First they steam the fish and then fry just 1 side of it! Excellent indeed.
 Fried on this side
 Steam on the other!
 This is butter prawn. Just look at the portion, at least 2 pieces of large prawns per person! We couldn't finish all and end up having take aways!

 Kampung chicken with ginger paste. I was initially expecting the typically steam or broiled kampung chicken but again, surprise by this one. The taste was definitely refreshing. I just would have preferred if the pieced of chicken were larger. Also, it didn't really tasted likek kampung chicken as the meat was very soft and not having a more bouncy tender texture.

 So that you know the address of this place!
 Vegetable dish was next. The presentation was pretty ok, again a large postion. But upon peeling away the tofu skin, was disappointed with what was inside. Just boiled vegetable, which was tasteless and relying on the sauce for flavor. Was hoping for much more after all the previous goodies. Maybe vegetables are not their strong point here.
 One of the last main courses is the fried rice with preserved was meat. I'm not a fan of wax meat thus I will slowly remove the pieces of it and still enjoyed the fried rice very much. I have to say, the amount which they serve is horribly large! Enough to feed half the table even if they had not had dinner you will be full. Thus we ended up taking away this one more or less whole.
 Finally desserts. Crispy pancake and red bean soup! I liked both of them
 Finely blended red bean soup with some coconut milk.
Thus my conclusion, you can't really go wrong with a wedding dinner in Ipoh! They are so far, still one of the best around.

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