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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Breakfast at Gopeng!

On Christmas of 2011, my family and I were at Gopeng and thus we managed to have breakfast at the local market foodcourt. Among the famous items here were the noodles "Lai Fun" and also the chicken porridge. We had the noodles as the chicken porridge seller was not exactly the friendly kind and its really tough to even order a bowl from him.
Back to this place, its located at N4.475765,E101.167906 for GPS coordinates and there is ample parking thus this should not be a problem. As we woke up late, we reach there about 10.30am for Anyway, this is a covered foodcourt and there is also ample tables. But we chose to sit outside under the tree, much cooler and relaxing than inside. So keep reading ya and if you happen to drop by Gopeng, you can try this place out. Since this is my first post on my blog for 2012, Happy New Year all foodies and fans!

The outside of the foodcourt! Colorful umbrellas

A look inside. Bright and lots of place to sit

My sister and cousin checking out stall number 8. The noodle stall!

The owner preparing the noodles
The assorted condiments which you can choose!
The different noodles available. The one in the pink basket is what we came for, the famous home made lai fun.
Another view of the various condiment
My cup of cold coffee
The version of lai fun with clear soup! Non spicy, and I like it because it comes with sesame seed

But I also like this version where the soup is spicy curry! Thus I had both
A bowl of fried pigs skin! Only RM1
These are some of the condiments selected. You must try the Gopeng fried tofu. Soft and delicious!
This is another must try. The fried crispy bean curd skin! Very crispy and has abit of fish paste inside! Yummy indeed
Now, as it was the prime durian season, and the fact that my uncle from Gopeng knows many of the people here, he managed to get 2 durians which were from the wild durians collect by the Orang Asli or local tribes people. I have to say, the durians were great, and very affordable. So lucky and excellent way to end a great breakfast.

Just look at the meaty yellow and creamy durian!


  1. Erm..actually...the Lai Fun in here is not the famous one...there are two shops that is famous, one in Kopisan and another one in Taman Gopeng Baru. The one that open in Kopisan open in the morning while the one in Taman Gopeng Baru only open at night.