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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mong Kok ~ Hong Kong 2011

Hahah, well, I guess I dozed off on my Hong Kong trip last year. Time really does flies doesn't it. Well, today I got to catch up abit and got to add some pictures while we walked around Mong Kok. This place is packed in the day but really comes alive at night. The streets are just filled with people and stalls and shops! This is really a happening place!

Restaurants everywhere

Yes CAT III cinemas exist
People fill the roads

Lots of old apartments and buildings here

Sai Yeong Choy Street is probably one of the most flashy and busiest

Even have live performance. I missed taking a photo of the one where they have the martial arts performance like Sum How Sui Tai Sek!
You can't say you been to Hong Kong without eating a stick of their curry fishball! Curry Yu Tan! This one is one of the best they say!

The stalls sells many other things, including Chow Tau Fu (Stinky Tofu)
BBQ squid is good
But we bought the fried squid instead

The Taiwan famous fried chicken Hot Star is also right next door

Their McDonald's had a promotion for Hello Kitty dolls!

Nathan Road!

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