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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yee Kee Restaurant at Simpang Pulai, Perak

The bunch of family members had a simple dinner at Yee Kee Restaurant located at Simpang Pulai. GPS coordinates here N4.526367,E101.120342. The restaurant is very simple, and doesn't even have a proper sign board. Food is reasonably priced and pretty good tasting too.

The first dish of the night, fried minced pork with salted fish. This looked really simple and not special, but as always, looks can be deceiving. It tastes really good and the saltiness makes it go so well with rice! Its also crispy and crunchy since its fried.

The simple setting of the restaurant. Good point is that there is ample parking
 Steamed tilapia with preserved black bean in soy sauce. The taste was good but we ordered a large fish but the size left me disappointed. Would have given full marks if they really did serve us a large fish. Heard a similar complaint from another table about the size of the fish. Moreover they claimed this fish was 1kg :(
 Claypot tofu. Standard fare, not much special but no complaints either for the taste
 Fried paku pakis. The tips of some kind of ferns. This is fried with mini Thai chillies and belacan or shrimp paste. The ferns were fresh thus it tasted crunchy and good.
 Another supposedly famous dish here is their yellow wine chicken. It smelled really good but upon tasting, they made their version sweet. Too sweet to my liking to gulp down all the soup. I prefer my drunken chicken spicy from ginger and hot! But no complaints for those that like this version.
Overall a good dining experience here and its pretty good value for money. For 15 person, total was about RM140. Not too bad I guess.


  1. Oh most of the dishes comes in 2 plates except the fish :)

    1. Cant find this restaurant on GPS ? Moved ? Any full address or contact number ?