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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Padang Brown Hawkers, Penang

So one of my friends was asking me to recommend more local Penang food and I happen to have a collection of photos from one of my favorite afternoon time hawker place which is at Padang Brown along Jalan Perak. There is 2 different rows of hawkers at Padang Brown thus the one which I really enjoy is the one along Jalan Perak. This place is open daily except Thursdays from about 1.30pm till about 6-7pm. On some Mondays its closed too so try your luck. So hope you enjoy this place as much as I do ya. Its great for that weekend afternoon yum char! Oh ya the GPS coordinates : N5.41432,E100.316548

One of the best kuih and also kerabu bihun you can find in Penang!

 The uncle at work. A long line will usually be there and its self service so you need to wait your turn
 This is a very good kuih talam too!

 Sorry for the blurred picture but the guy who ordered this plate grabbed it before I snap it. The Oh kuih (yam cake) is also pretty tasty!
 And this is my wife's favorite the kerabu bihun. Just look at all the condiments that is mixed in.
 Next on my favorite stall list is the crab meat popiah. They still use handmade popiah skin and if you are a crab lover, order the special. The popiah is served with the sauce from the crab with the sweet radish! So delectable the seafood taste. Really a popiah that is truly Penang!
 Another of my favorite, this time my daughters is the Apom Balik. Our must have is the one with cheese in it. The apom is crispy and the cheese will just melt! Awesome indeed.
Finally in this sharing is the roti babi (This is non Halal). Its a very special bread in which the bread is sandwiching the special mixture of meat and vegetables and then deep dried. This is also a special item here and worth a try!

There are also many more items here, such as Lok Lok, Char Koay Teow, Cendol and also Yong Tau Fu. But those will be for another post I guess! With that, enjoy ya.

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