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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Paya Terubong Seafood, Ah Sui

Just some random shots of one of my favorite seafood place in Penang. This place is located along Jalan Paya Terubong right after the cemetary and before the fire station :) So this is another great place to share. The owner, Ah Sui Ko gets the fish fresh from their village in Balik Pulau thus you can guarantee the seafood here is fresh. Should I reveal the GPS coordinates of this place? Worry that even more people will flood this place and I have to wait longer. Hahah. So enjoy the pictures

Thats tenggiri looking at you! Crystal clear eyes!

 The catch of the day
 This is one of my favorites, its the skin from sting ray. Its homemade so you don't have to worry of them using chemicals and all. Its great stir fried with spring onions and ginger.
 Fresh pomphret! This is the "tau tai". Super nice but also pricey la
 Thats a giant garoupa head. It was at least 1ft in size!
 This is a black pomphret instead. All local, non frozen variety
 Various fish cuts
 Thats Ah Sui Ko in blue preparing the fish. He mans the BBQ section.
 The various shell fish available here
 Kampung grown vegetables.
 Super large cockles. We were lucky to get this as they only had this plate on that day. Each cockle is at least larger than 50cent coins easily. Super delicious!

 This is deep fried white fish (not sure whats its called in English). Super crispy and crunchy with just using soy sauce, lime and some chilli for added flavor!

Thats all for this round. I'm sure I had more than that on that night but sometimes the camera just got left behind once my hands get dirty.

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