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Monday, January 2, 2012

Sushi Kitchen revisited

Since my family were up in Penang, wanted to let them try out the special sushi from Sushi Kitchen. And by luck, we managed to have the Golden Age which is their speciality coffee with fresh mango! My previous writeup about Sushi Kitchen is here. Hope you enjoy this one too!

The highly acclaimed Golden Age!

 More pictures of Golden Age. It really makes you think again, why you even need to have salmon or sashimi with your sushi! But an advise would be to make a reservation. I called in the morning to book 2 plates! HEHE.

If I'm not mistaken this one is called Global Warming. Its a rolled sushi and then fried! This one is also very good but you don't get the fresh and unique texture as the above.

 Some decorations in the restaurant!


  1. This place is pure vegetarian, of course no sashimi la, of course thats why the sushi is so special, its as good as a sashimi one :)