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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Kwong Sang House, Penang

Its never ending the many lovely places to hangout and dine in Penang. Really salute all these creative and happening people for providing us with all their hardwork. So today, from the creators of Behind 50 (which I have wrote about before here and here), they have now started another semi concept cafe/restaurant, this time at Leith Street. It happens that the building in which the cafe now stands used to be a tailors shop and thus, they have adopted this as their concept, a place to chill out and dine at a toilors shop! How interesting ya. My wife, Apple, already has plans to get all her patchwork friends over pretty soon as this place just makes them feel at home. So my family and I decided to give them a try on only their first week of opening, and we were overall pretty happy with the place. Read on to read and see more of this place.

Location : 36, Leith Street,, 10220 Penang, Malaysia
Operating hours : 12noon - 11pm (close on Thursdays)
Contact : +6012-5565509
GPS : N5.420433, E100.333352

The building facade 

 The interior. Each table has been nicely setup with lovely decorations everywhere

 Not fully filled up yet but they do have some cakes already
 An old sewing machine which was inherited from a neighbouring shop owner.
Where do they find all these stuff anyway?
Sewing supplies on the wall?
These guys/gals can even design clothes? HEHE
Like Behind 50, lots of old memorabilia's adorn the wall! 
Lots of greenery abound!
Colorful lanterns
There is a fitting room? Hmm, lets see what is inside
It actually leads to an indoor garden or dining area. Work still being done to improve on this area.
This was the set dinner menu which we had. It changes depending on what fresh ingredients they get daily. We ordered Set A and Set C as well as an ala carte pizza.
 The sets comes with a drink which was iced lemon tea for the day we went. One hot and one cold!
 For appetizers, you can either choose a fresh garden salad or pumpkin soup with garlic bread. So with 2 sets, we just ordered both. The salad was garnished with a simple vinegarette and it was pretty good. Just nice as it complements the vegetables sweetness.
 The pumpkin soup was creamy and at least we do get to taste the pumpkins in it. The bread was very crispy too!

For set C, we chose the Lasagne ala Kwong Sang House which was made from seabass instead of the usual lasagne made with meat. This was really good and the sauce and lasagne worked really well. We just wished that the portion was bigger! Can't get satisfied yet. 
 The cheesiness was great
 The set A was Pasta Pugliese. This was a combination of vegetables and potato with pasta. We asked for the sauce to have some tomato paste as well as our daughter loves that. It turned out very well. This one the portion was pretty decent.

 We has an additional pizza ordered and this was chicken ham. It comes on a crunchy base and was very tasty. The side did get slightly over browned though.

 Finally dessert was a fruits platter. It comes with 3 types of fruits so thats not too bad.
 Overall, this place looks set to be another great place to hang out. With it only starting for about a week, many items are still being fine tuned but thats the whole fun of it isn't it with new places! They keep finding ways to improve. Do have a visit and share your experience here too!

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  1. Had my brunch there y/day... I like the deco and it shows that the owner really have a creative mind and sense.
    It gives this little place a brand new feel!
    Food wise is good too... Notice is a young chef... seriously am proud of them! keep this up!!!
    Penang needs a lot of such eating places!!