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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner at Home

What better way to spend the eve of Chinese New Year than be at home with the family and enjoying a meal together right? Well, my family and I were back in KL and mom prepared some simple dishes for us and just want to wish everyone a Wonderful Chinese New Year (yeah its the 7th day now). Have a great one!

Large prawns pan fried with some tomato ketchup.
 Blanched broccoli with some oil and oyster sauce
 Stir fried roasted pork with soy sauce chicken and ginger. These were basically the leftovers from lunch and recooked to a new taste.
 This is the special meat ball with stuffed salted egg yolk. Yummy!
 Simple salad by my wife, 3 colored capsicums with chopped preserved plums.
 On the second day, we had Yee Sang too!

 Close up. This is with jelly fish only as few days ago we had so much sashimi salmon already!
 All tossed and ready to eat
 Thats a bowl for me. Yum!

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