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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eco Park at Gopeng

While at Gopeng, we took a drive through the small kampung roads through some orang asli settlements and was shown this Eco Park retreat by my uncle. This is quite an interesting place as they have chalets which are actually tree houses! How cool is that? Well, cool if you like the outdoors, not cool if you do not like bugs and especially mosquitos! I will add the GPS coordinates later as I do not have my device right now but enjoy the pictures first. Now only I know so much to do at Gopeng! Definitely need a more thorough visit there soon. Enjoy.

Interesting tree houses!

Up the tree house! If you have a sharp eye, can you see whats below it?
 More pictures

 They even have a large field and a platform. Probably for campfire performances or something
 The family!
 This was how the road leading to this place looks like. Really jungle
 Interesting sign board
 The king of fruits!
 This is the Kampar River. Its surprisingly clean here
 And this is dokong! Bundles of it
One of my favorite fruits. Who can guess what this is? Well its passion fruit hanging from the vine!
 Finally, they also have interesting toilets and baths. Made from water tanks! HAHA. Well hope you all like this series.


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