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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hong Kong 2011 ~ Chew Yuen Restaurant

After we went to Wong Tai Sin Temple, we headed to Central for lunch. And we were brought to a small coffee shop that is really hidden to have some of the best Teo Chew fish balls and meat balls noodle that can be found. This place is called Chew Yuen Restaurant. Well not sure if its a restaurant as its almost a hole in the wall, but the food is great. Its made from freshly pounded fish and eel meat and for the meat ball, its made from beef. Since I don't take beef, but my friend says its the best around so for beef meat ball lovers, try to find this place. I'm still trying to find the address :p

This is fried eel skin. Its like crackers, very crispy and is just delicious. A must have.
A small poster about the place. I can't read it so for those that can, can always leave a comment.

 Another part of the poster. Even shows the process to make the fish balls
 This is the fried version with noodles
 This has the non fried version with meat balls and noodles
 This is with hor fun and seaweed
 Another angle
 A view of the place
 The cook waiting for orders
 The cramped interior. Enough for about 20~30 people but food is good & affordable

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