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Monday, December 5, 2011

Behind 50 Revisited

As I have written in the past before, Behind 50 is an interesting place where the owners have a passion for art and food! Their walls is decorated with 50 frames of pictures as well as many relics of their childhood past. So hope you like this post of my experience eating there!
Picture frames
Toys from the past

The interesting decoration
The use of Monin syrup.
Drinks drinks and more drinks
A delectable salad that is both colorful and refreshing
Toast topped with an appetizing salsa
Spaghetti with asparagus. Very yummy with the springy asparagus and some bits of chicken and lots of cheee
Penne with a sweet and sourish sauce

Their mushroom soup with slices of toast. Notice the 50 character in the soup!
Meat pizza with a thin crust
A different pizza. Overall their pizza is good with lots of cheese and a crispy crust
Here we have Almond fish. Deep fried fish and top with almond nuts
And this is fried chicken with some penne pasta and the chicken even is topped with melted cheese! Yummy
As always, would like to thank the organizers of Penang Heritage Food Trail and also the owners of Behind 50! Also thanks to HTC, Squarelet, IN Penang and Visit Penang for sponsoring and hosting this event! Cheers!

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