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Friday, December 23, 2011

BlackBall Original Taiwanese Tea & Dessert

I have to admit, even though I have been to Taipei a couple of times, but I didn't actually went to check out many of their tea and desserts places. Thus I was glad to hear and know that there will actually be one opening in Penang. So here comes BlackBall, which opened their franchise here recently in Pulau Tikus, Penang and my wife and I were lucky enough to get to sample their menu and recommended items during their prelaunch.
It was a merry gathering of bloggers during the event and the place was comfortable and lively. So keep reading to find out more about this new dessert and tea place which I'm sure many would love!

Their logo! Its a direct translation to the Chinese name too!
 As we were there for the pre-opening, you can see that their signboard is still not revealed as they had to wait for the good day according to the Chinese calendar. They officially opened on the 20th Dec 2011 and had a grand opening on that day!
And this is their photo on the opening! Even had lion dance and the work! We wish them a very successful business!

 This is the interior of BlackBall. There is 2 sections, the one in the front is open air but shaded thus for those that prefers a more outdoor environment can sit and enjoy their tea and desserts here.
 The inside on the other hand is fully air-conditioned and provides ample place to hang around with friends!
 This is a first for everyone! We were shown what look like mini UFOs after we were seated and then found out that these are actually their order pre-alert mats. The concept here is that of a self service. You first go to the counter, select your item and pay for it. Then you will be given this mat and you can proceed to wait at your table. When you order is ready, the mat will flash (blinking lights/led) and vibrate at the same time! Bring your mat to the collection counter and your tea or dessert would be waiting for you there. How cool is this? You no longer have to wait like a zombie, lingering around not knowing what to do while they prepare your order and just sit back and relax. We surely like this concept and hope more places would pick it up.
 This is the BlackBall Signature (RM6.50) which comes in either hot or cold. It consist of red beans, taro balls, black perals and of course their grass jelly. I guess since it was a hot afternoon, naturally everyone loved the cold version which has shaved ice at the bottom giving it a cool sensation! Yummy! The one below is with extra milk added to it. This comes separately thus one can choose whether to put it in or not.
 This is the one before putting the milk and cold version! The portion is pretty large. Recommend that you can order different ones and share them together. Empty bowls are provided so too extra spoons.
 The next item is a drink which is called the QQ Cranberry Lemon Juice (RM5.90). Using cranberries which we know has lots of healthy properties, this is a favorite with the ladies (my wife too). There is lots of grass jelly and also chewy's inside thus giving it not just a flavor but texture as well!
 This is the fresh milk with grass jelly (RM5.90). Because of the fresh milk, this is kind of similar to that of Soya bean with grass jelly. And the best part is that its not very sweet thus this will go well for those that prefers a drink that is milder on the sugar.
 Next we have the 3Q Passion Fruit Green Tea (RM5.90). This is a crowd favorite as I believe almost everyone loves the taste of passion fruit. The use of passion fruit, mix with green tea and topped with various toppings make this one a very addictive drink.
Another dessert here is the Jiu Fen Taro Ball with crushed ice (RM6.50). For those who have visited Taiwan before, Jiu Fen is an old mining town on the north east of Taipei and it is here where there is a very famous stall selling these taro balls (taro is yam). The ones here at BlackBall comes pretty close as I guess no other stall can ever get the recipe to be 100% as the original right. But this one is pretty close with the taro balls having a very good Q texture!
Just look at those yummy and QQ taro balls
Continuing with drinks we have the Boba Milk Tea (RM5.90). This one came with black pearls and its nice as its prepared not very sweet!
The next one is Yogurt Green Tea (RM5.90). Sorry but I have to admit that this is not exactly my favorite as yogurt with tea has never been a strong one for me. But for those yogurt lovers, do give it a try.
 Finally, this is one of my favorite drinks which is the Winter Melon Tea with Sky Pearl (RM5.90). Yes, this is the first time I had sky pearl too. So what is it? Its very different from the typical black pearls which we get from the many tea stalls. This one is whitish in color and it is very chewy and springy in texture. The winter melon tea goes very well with this and even my daughter loved this drink. Highly recommended.
Overall, a very satisfying experience at Blackball. Great desserts coupled with creative drinks and a cosy ambiance makes this place worthy for food lovers to check out!