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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally in Copenhagen

So after spending nearly 30 hours on the road, transits and flights, finally reach the hotel and check in. Few photos of the room. Its abit disappointing for the price for Asians I guess. But, luckily I'm not paying for it. Paying 5 stars for a 3 star room :p Look at the TV, still a 21" CRT, luckily got high speed internet. Slept like a pig and was shock to wake up in early morning to find that its still only 4am but the sun was like that of the afternoon. Apparently its summer and the sunrise is at 2.30am. HAHHAA

 My room....
 Small bed
 Pitiful TV
 The simple soap and shampoo
 View from my room
 Luckily is a nice view of the city
 Then went for late breakfast. Sadly, everyday also exactly same food. The chef got such an easy job. Seems like smoke salmon and sausages is like standard meal. Ham is there too with mushrooms
 These mini pumpkin is for deco only
 Fruit blend, slightly burnt pancake and sausages
 Some watermelons
 Sausage and tomato
 There was a lemon tree in the cafe
Look at that, real lemon on a tree

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