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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mooncake & International Cuisine Promotion ~ Eastin Hotel Penang September 2013

Its coming into the 8th Month in the Chinese Calendar and as most will know, this is the time where the Mooncake or Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated! This year, it will be on 19th September 2013 and Eastin Hotel Penang in conjunction with their KL peers, have decided to bring in their signature mooncakes for Penangites to savour. To keep things simple, they have prepared only 6 flavors and frankly to me, this is more than enough. Main point is keep it simple and keep the quality high.
The flavors are Red Bean, Jasmine Cheesy Citrus, Low Sugar White Lotus, Precious Black Wolfberry Lotus Paste, Pure Lotus Double Yolk and Supreme Mixed Nuts which range in price from RM17 to RM20 each. The mooncakes are already available and one can call to make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment (+604-6121128 Swez Brasserie)

At the same time from September onwards, Swez Brasserie will be having an International Cuisine theme for their buffet and this features a more global tastes with dishes inspired from Germany, Japan, Mexico and even Thailand. There are a variety of great Appetizers, Main courses and Desserts to choose from and I'm sure diners will find something to their liking. Do check them out!

 6 Flavors of Mooncake!
The mooncakes have a thin crust layer and lots of  filling! The fact that its not very sweet makes it even more delectable! This is the Red Bean and Double Yolk version.

This is the Mixed Nut which is great for those that enjoy a nutty flavor
Yummy Yummy mooncakes
It also comes in a nice gift box if buying any 4 mooncakes
As for the September Promotion, the below is the Thai Miang Kham with Kaduk Leaf. The sauce is probably one of the key to this delectable appetizer which will sure open up ones palate
Classical Italian Creamy Tomato Soup is also another appetizer with the slight sourish and sweet taste of the tomato giving it a tangy taste.
German Potato Salad feels creamy and all but the best part is the chunky potatoes
As for mains, there are quite a number to choose from. Interestingly, there is a Chinese Lotus Leaf Wrapped Fried Rice, which we typically get during Chinese course dinners. I guess abit of this is always nice
French Lamb Stew A-la Mode is a slow stewed lamb dish where chunky pieces of lamb gets cooked with a bundle of herbs and vegetables till its juicy soft and tender. Great for meat lovers.
For those that like something spicy, try the Indian Chicken Masala with Potato. One can really taste the traditional herbs that were used in making this dish.
Japanese Teriyaki Chicken have whole chicken leg being grilled to perfection with a Teriyaki Sauce! Very nicely done
The final mains is the Mediterranean Seafood Soup-Bouillabaisse. Lots of seafood in a sauce and there is even some toast to go with it. Very yummy  indeed

And finally for dessert, besides the usual choices, there are also miniature Nyonya Kuih which is great so that one can try out more varieties
Australian Pavlova is another unique dessert on the spread
An overview of the specials

The chef presenting their creations for the promotion
Besides all the above, I was duly surprised to see Swez serving some Chee Cheong Fun which was steamed fresh! Frankly, even with the basic condiments like sesame seed and fried scallions, and soy sauce, it was pretty good. Would have been perfect if it was the chee cheong fun with dried shrimp and some curry sauce! But good try indeed. (The below was part of the flavors of Malaysia campaign)


  1. HI Pamela, Well I like mooncakes if its not overly sweet and the Jasmine Cheesy Citrus version here is one example that is not sweet :)